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Featured Baby Toys

We understand your baby deserves the very best the world of toys has to offer. Finding the right children's toys can be a challenging task. What does an infant need? What promotes learning for a newborn? What is an age appropriate product? What toys will be educational and stimulating for baby?

The carefully selected baby toys found on our site are thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted. Wooden Toddler Toys represents the best efforts of what the toy industry has to offer.


We are on a never ending journey to find safe, quality and unique baby toys. Our preference for toys that are both functional and well-designed is apparent throughout the web site.

We hope you enjoy browsing our abundant selection of baby toys. Our categories are organized by age, brand and type so that you will be able to find the perfect gift to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just because.

The Original Rollercoaster by Anatex
Parentsí Choice Classic Award Winner

MSRP $59.95
Sale Price: $49.95

This Parents' Choice Classic Award Winner is that colossal maze of wood, beads, and wire often seen at the doctor's office. Beautifully crafted with a 12-by-15-inch solid wood base, thick sturdy wire, and wood beads, this winding wonder keeps little hands and minds busy for hours. The structure consists of five intertwined wires, securely attached at the wood base, adorned with free sliding beads of varied color, shape, size, and pattern. One wire reaches 21 inches at its peak, another makes a complete 360 degree loop. As the child slides beads across the tangle of wires, fine motor coordination and critical thinking skills are developed, as well as an understanding of both spatial relations and depth perception. The Original Rollercoaster washes easily with a damp sponge and squares up neatly in a corner for storage.

Doctor Tested
Measures 12" X 15" X 20"
Ages 2+

ABC Plush Blocks by Melissa & Doug

MSRP $19.99

Is a toddler ever too young to learn? Getting educational toys in front of your child early can help them integrate into a classroom much easier if they have a grasp of concepts. The First Play ABC Plush Blocks by Melissa and Doug is a safe and fun toy that will keep young ones busy and learning at the same time.

Ages: 1+

Small Wood Stacking Rocky Color Cone by Holgate Toys

MSRP $29.00
Sale Price: $19.95

Classic design first made by Holgate in 1938... and still a favorite today! The rounded wood base is a trademark design of Holgate. There is something appealing about stacking these brightly painted rings! Child is delighted as the cone rocks, spins and topples over spilling the rings. Wood rings make a nice appealing sound when "klacked" together.

Dimensions: 4" diameter x 5-1/2" high
Ages 1 - 3 yrs
Made of hardwoods in the USA

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