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Wood Unit Blocks from Wooden Toddler Toys

Children enjoy these classic toys for years. They will begin to play with baby blocks at a year, and they will continue playing with them until the age of 8 or 9. Around the age of 5, kids are introduced to big blocks in school. Teachers like them because blocks encourage imagination, eliciting it from inside rather than supplying it from outside. The stores are full of brightly colored plastic toys that are imaginative for your child. But it's the child that needs the imagination, not the toy. Allowed to play freely, children spontaneously create things ranging from profound to hilarious. Blocks are a medium for this kind of expression.

Kids' engagement with wooden blocks goes through a number of stages. At the youngest ages, children turn the different shapes in their hands and look at them. They also show them to their parents, learn the names, and evidence interest in how they fit together. At about 1-1/2, children will begin to sit on the floor and stack them into small towers. During this period, learning the ideas of balancing, bridging, and bracing is a key accomplishment. Next, children begin to make walls, and following this, four walls with a roof. By the age of 3-1/2, children will be able to make taller towers, balance a wider block on top of a narrow one, and will begin to make identifiable structures like skyscrapers. They also like to make roads and drive small cars on them. wooden blocks are an ideal preschool toy whether you are seeking an educational toy, an old school toy, or are just aiming to have fun.

wooden blocks from Wooden Toddler Toys make learning fun for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, helping foster developmentally appropriate skills with educational products that have been trusted by parents, teachers, and child development experts for years. Our wooden blocks are designed to sharpen emerging senses and skills and encourage young children to further develop their curiosity about the world around them. Wooden blocks are a true childhood classic, and you can see why when you look at the variety of fun things a kid can do with a good set of play blocks. Let a child's imagination soar as he or she builds a block tower and learns about balance. Encourage a little boy or girl to develop fine motor skills with building elaborate block buildings or cities. We also offer wooden blocks and play block sets that help teach children about numbers and letters.

Unit building blocks are the single most valuable toy available to children. These wooden blocks are toys that foster the opening of a child's mind by making use of their imagination and unleashing their creativity. Blocks also contribute to the development of fine motor skills and block play fosters the growth of social skills by encouraging group play and cooperation. Block play is important to the intellectual and physical development of children. Standard unit wooden blocks fill a role few other toys can claim.

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