A traditional old Medicine for modern world

Studying Cordyceps and their medicinal values:

Going back to five thousand years past, the caterpillar fungus has been discovered by the local people of Tibet in the mountain areas. They observed the cattle grew stronger after eating the fungus and tested it in their own ways by making powder for tea, which actually worked effectively. Since then it has been used in treating many infections and diseases. It is a natural type of fungus grows on the caterpillar and has many edible medicinal values. It is extensively produced in parts of mountain areas of China, Tibet and Nepal. Thus helps in generating revenue to local people and the government. The Caterpillar fungus is also known as Cordyceps sinesis in the olden days. Its scientific name is Ophiocordyceps sinesis. This fungus grows on the type of caterpillar where it eats away the host and attaches to the insect body, where it grows about six inches. It varies from brown color to black in this growing process. They consume the insects and swell up, thus enlarge to about 300 to 500 milligrams in size. Cordyceps sinesis helps in making immune system stronger and even acts an anti-inflammatory agent.

Treatments covered under Cordyceps:

Due to its natural medicinal values, Ophiocordyceps, which is also known as Cordyceps Sinesis, has been extensively used to treat many diseases. Some benefits of Cordyceps are:

  • It helps to fight infections by protecting the cells in the body and strengthening immune system, thus acting as an anti-inflammatory.
  • They can prevent the growth of tumors in lungs and the skin.
  • It helps in recovering the damaged tissues and speeds the healing within no time.
  • They can relieve stress and increases energy levels in athletes.
  • Cordyceps helps in fighting against viruses and thus promotes long life.
  • Cancer cells are damaged and controlled with Cordyceps.

  • Helps in curing many respiratory diseases like bronchitis.
  • They can control the blood sugar levels and control insulin, where it acts a natural diabetic medicine.
  • Many liver disorders can be cured using this natural medicine. It helps to detoxify the liver and helps the liver to perform better.
  • Their supplement help to use the oxygen in better way and help in blood flow and even acts a natural drug which stimulates sexual desires who lacks the sexual functions.
  • Cordyceps supplements increases the blood supply where it helps to avoid aging, thus acts as an anti aging agent.
  • They help to control the high cholesterol and fight other heart diseases.

In addition to those benefits Cordyceps sinesis have some other added benefits like: They help to treat coughs, cold, flu and even the kidney disorders. It treats the urine infection, bladder problems and muscle weakness. The natural medicine in the fungus helps to treat asthma and irregular heartbeats. They help to control the growth of bacteria and heavy metals contamination. Cordyceps are expensive in past but their supplements are now available at affordable prices in many stores. Still wild Cordyceps are harder to get and very expensive.

Cordyceps sinesis’s dosages and side effects:

The Cordyceps is available in the form of powders, tablets and capsules. Their powders are mixed in tea and taken orally. Generally the dosages should depend on the purpose of taking the medicine, however ten grams twice per day is considered the best dosage for a healthy person. One has to take the advice regarding the dosage to the physician or herbalist, who is experts at dealing with herbs. Cordyceps are safe to use and the side effects are few. It’s better to avoid taking this product when one is pregnant or breast feeding to avoid any side effects.