Are You a Good Candidate to Get Same-Day Dental Implants?

These days, missing teeth aren’t an unsolvable problem; there are many treatments to replace them. Losing one or more of your natural teeth is an unpleasant experience nobody wants to confront. It’s considered one of the most severe dental problems that must be addressed immediately to prevent potential problems. The best dentist in North York emphasizes that ignoring your missing teeth and leaving them untreated will lead to severe complications, including jawbone loss, periodontal disease, rental abscess, etc. In such cases, an experienced implant dentist can help you restore your oral wellness. Dental implants are one of the most prevalent and functional options to replace missing teeth. There is no significant difference between dental implants and natural teeth, which makes dental implants different from other tooth replacement treatments. Nowadays, same-day dental implants are becoming more popular than the traditional way of getting implants. Unlike the traditional method, you don’t need to wait months to complete the process if you choose to get same-day dental implants. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a good candidate for same-day dental implants, and some specific qualifications are needed. Here we have an overview of how same-day dental implants work and if you can be a great candidate.

What Are Same-day Dental Implants?

What Are Same-day Dental Implants?

It is possible to replace missing teeth with same-day implant dentistry if you are in a hurry. These dental implants can be placed the same day a tooth is removed. The procedure usually takes several hours, but the exact procedural time depends on each patient circumstances. Another point is that you won’t leave the office with permanent dental implants. Just like the traditional process, your gums and jaw need to heal around the implant area. By the way, you will receive temporary crowns on the same day to cover the gap. Another benefit of same-day dental implants is that they can replace a single tooth, a full arch, and implant-supported dentures. You must consult your implant dentist before starting the procedure to analyze the situation and make the best decision.

Who Can Be a Good Candidate for Same-day Dental Implants?

After the first consultation, your implant dentist can tell whether you are good enough to get same-day implants. These are the qualifications you should have to get same-day dental implants:

  • Your jawbone density should be enough to support the implant location.
  • You shouldn’t grind your teeth.
  • You shouldn’t have any unique medical conditions that can affect the treatment. For instance, diabetic people usually can’t be good candidates for same-day dental implants.
  • You should have one or more missing teeth.
  • Your teeth and gums are completely healthy.
  • You seek an effective and quick alternative for dentures or dental bridges.

What to Do If You Aren’t a Good Candidate for Same-day Dental Implants?

Traditional dental implants are still available for those who can’t be qualified for same-day implants. Although you experience a lengthier process, the results are not different. Your implant dentist may refer you to other professionals to address the issues like gum disease, lack of jawbone density, etc.

Schedule a consultation with your implant dentist to make the best decision!