Breast Implant Revision Will Improve Your Look

At some point, it will be wise to change your implants. Implants can last for years, but they cannot last forever. It can happen that the implant rupture, to move from its place and to cause asymmetry or sagging. Many women are choosing implant revision so they can replace them with new ones, and also change size, shape, and material.

Best time to replace the breast implants

Before, people used to think that implants should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Today, doctors think that there is no need for intervention if everything is good with your implants. But, it is important to control the state of the implants regularly and at you can make your appointment or just inform more about the procedure.

Women with silicone implants should have an MRI three years after the procedure, and then every two years. As for the women with saline, you can do the check by yourself. Saline is saltwater and if the leakage happens, you will notice it when you look in the mirror. It will be obvious, as the implant will deflate. The saline is safe for the body, and it will be absorbed by it.

breast implants

How breast implant revision look like

The procedure will be done under general anesthetic and the surgeon will most likely use the same incisions as for the first surgery. Before the procedure, you will explain to your doctor what you wish to achieve, and you will have various sizes and numbers to choose for your new implants.

If you wish to change the size of your implants, the surgeon will set up space inside the breast, before he puts the new one in. If the implant is quite bigger, probably it will be necessary to make a bigger incision of the pocket. Sometimes, the doctor needs to put other tissues so your breasts will have better support.

Some women have a bad experience with the scar tissue, which is also known as “capsule”. This tissue can press the implant and cause pain and discomfort. In this case, the doctor will first remove the scar tissue, and then he will insert a new implant.

If you wish, combination with breast lift is also an option

Alongside the breast implant revision, you can also do the breast lift procedure. For the breast lift, new incisions will be done and they are usually extending on the upper part of the areola, but sometimes also around it and on the lower part. If you wonder what would be the option for you, the best technique in breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic can show you all the possible variations.

Final word 

Implant revisions need more time for recovery. It is most likely that there will be swelling for the first three months, while pain and bruises should pass after a few weeks. After 12 months, your breast will fully be adapted to your body.