When you walk into a gym and look at the bikes, I bet your first thought is “those damn seats”.  Exercise bikes are not the most comfortable. Often you find yourself giving up after a few minutes due to the discomfort. In the long run, it affects your quality of work out. If you want to comfort and achieve the results you seek when working out, best recumbent bike would be the way to go.

Advantages of recumbent bikes

  • The seat on the recumbent bike is comfortable. It enables the rider to be relaxed and laid back when exercising. You can therefore work out for a long times without the element of discomfort setting in.
  • Your weight is evenly distributed when using the recumbent bike. Traditional exercise bikes put a lot of pressure on your feet and hands. Recumbent bikes ensure your bottom and back take on part of the weight.
  • Recumbent bikes can be used when stationary or they can be used in the outdoors as a proper bicycle. Therefore a rider can opt for a little adventure outdoors when he feels like the walls of the gym are closing in.

best recumbent bike

  • Modern recumbent bikes are designed to meet the exercise needs of its user. If you are looking at building stamina, burn calories or even increase heart rates, these programs come with the recumbent bike. You can also add your own programs to target your needs.
  • Recumbent bikes target more muscles than upright bikes. This is ideal for someone looking to work on more muscles than is possible when working with upright bikes.
  • Recumbent bikes are safer as they provide a larger seat support for the back. It Is also lower than the upright bikes. This explains why rehab centers as well as homes for the elderly opt for these when it comes to exercise. One can easily get in and out with minimal effort.
  • These bikes improve cardio and are great for those whose aim is to lose weight. Those battling weight tend to give up easily because of the effort they have to put in and the discomfort of some exercise equipment. Recumbent bikes are however favored because of the element of comfort. Even a person who does not like exercising spends more times of a recumbent bike than any other machine.

If you were thinking of giving up exercise because of uncomfortable machines, give best recumbent bike a chance. I bet you will be going back to the gym a happy camper.