Choosing the Right Air Purifier to Get Multiple Health Benefits

There are multiple benefits of using air cleaners. It will reduce the chances of breathing in a tobacco smoke environment that can enhance asthma. Air cleaners will also keep you safe from bronchitis, pneumonia and allergies.

In order to improve the air quality of their home, people purchase air purifiers. MyHealthyAir purifiers clean their home or office by eliminating the smoke, pollen or dust. There are some cases when a purifier may not bring desired results for your health. In this article, we will discuss what you are supposed to look in an air purifier.

The main objective to buy an air purifier is to improve the indoor air quality. However, you can do it without spending your hard-earned money on an energy-consuming appliance. Let us take an example that if the air quality has deteriorated in your home because of smoke, then you need to eliminate the source of this problem. Stop smoking indoors and if you or your friends smoke indoor, do not forget to open windows.

Suppose you are applying all the similar ways to clean the air, but you are unable to improve air quality, then the only option is to buy an appliance. If you will go and purchase any air purifier, then you will simply increase your electric bill without getting the desired air quality in your home. Suppose if you purchase in a purifier, which is good for filtering out dust, then it will be useless to filter out mold. You need to decide before purchasing as what is the right kind of filter for you. Purchase a MyHealthyAir model that is designed for that specific pollutant to get excellent results.

Here are some of the air purifiers.

Air filters

They use fiber or mash filter to check the particles of dust and pet dander in your home. You need to clean or replace the filters at regular intervals. High efficient particulate air filters (HEPA) and other filters fall in this category.

air purifiers

Electrostatic air cleaners

These cleaners use electrically charged panel to clean the air. They do it by capturing particulates. Another type is ionizer, which works by electrically charging the particles of dust and other pollutants. When they are charged, they become heavier and drop on your carpet or furniture. This may be a mess because you have to clean it up.

Gas-phase air filters

These filters work with activated carbon. They are not found in home air purifier and they may not be able to remove all the gases like carbon monoxide. These air filters have a short life span.

UV filters

These filters will remove biological impurities like bacteria and mold with the help of ultraviolet light. If you use this filter alone, then it may not bring unexpected results so you need to use it in combination with filter type device.