Congested Skin: Treatment of everyone’s Worst Nightmare

The main reason behind dull dirty bumpy or flaky skin is congested pores which you have to get rid of if you want beautiful and fresh looking skin.

Meaning of Congested Skin

When your skin has clogged pores that’s when you have congested skin. It flakes easily, has blackheads and whiteheads and creates bumps which make your skin look unhealthy and stale. The cause of blackheads is the blockage of sebum secreting pores. Blackheads form a plug on the skin follicle and don’t allow your skin to breathe. When oil, bacteria or dead skin cells get trapped between your skins pores it gives rise to a type or acne which results in formation of whiteheads. This is what gives us congested skin and the main reason behind blackheads white heads and flaky skin is our hormonal changes

Congested skin has a lot of disadvantages and no one likes to have dull unhealthy skin. Don’t we all wish for beautiful skin? If you want to get a clearer view then read this article to learn how to clear congested skin by The Skin Care Clinic.

Reasons behind congested skin and acne:

    • Building up of excess oil and sebum
    • Dead cells which result from constant cell turnover
    • Leaving on makeup and inadequate skin care routine
    • Using harmful skin products full of petrochemicals
    • Toxins released from our body due to sweating
    • Environment full of pollution and dirt
    • Genetics and an unhealthy, imbalanced lifestyle is a major contributor to this
  • Harsh scrubs and cleansers also result in congested skin

 This is how you can make your skin look healthy again

Our aim to make our skin hydrated, change the pH level of our skin, make its immunity stronger and keep the layers of our skin very clean.

Dehydration of the skin and non mineral makeup makes our skin lose its charm and get congested.

You must make sure to use skin friendly makeup brands and skin care products so as to prevent damage.

Different ways to treat clogged pores

  • Take care of your internal health. A good and healthy lifestyle is very important for good skin. Our skin’s health is directly related to our hormones and is hormones are mostly affected by what we eat. Hence it is very important for us to eat healthy.
  • Regular exercise helps keep our hormones at a check and drinking water keeps us hydrated both of which is essential for healthy skin
  • Always keep your hands clean and do not prick or touch your skin with dirty hands as the germs from your hands get transferred to your face causing congestion.
  • Decontaminate any brushes or tools that you use for your face
  • Double cleanse your face with a mild cleanser to protect it from further damage.
  • You can also use pore strips and face masks to keep your skin fresh.
  • Make sure the products you use on your skin are non comedogenic products.
  • Exfoliate your skin well and introduce retinol in your skin care routine
  • Aloe Vera, Honey and Olive oil are some natural ingredients that keep the skin healthy

Clogged pores can be your skin’s worst enemy and the best way to treat it is to introduce a good skin care regime consisting of safe products. Cleanse tone and moisturise your skin well to get best results and say no to skin congestion.