Consumption of eggs in a safe manner when you are pregnant

Eggs are a storehouse of proteins, along with essential minerals, nutrients along with vitamin D. when you are including eggs as part of your diet you might have to consider your taste along with safety.

During pregnancy egg preparation has to be undertaken in a safe manner

Eggs are a source of salmonella bacteria and for this reason it is really important to opt for eggs that are cooked. Keep away from dishes that have uncooked eggs or soft boiled eggs. An example would be homemade ice creams as well.

When you are into consumption of eggs you need to be aware that they are properly cooked. They are hard boiled eggs that are to be cooked in order to get rid of the salmonella bacteria. If you go on to chop the eggs on to egg salad, and put it for hours on display then the listeria bacteria could go on to develop. In pregnant women one of the most common forms of poisoning works out to be listeriosis which can have a lot of impact on the developing baby. This would be considering the fact even if the woman does not go on to replicate serious symptoms. Do make it a point that you consume food that are seriously cooked and stored so that you minimize the contact with these harmful bacteria

What is going to happen if you are showing an aversion to egg?

Eggs along with waffles during pregnancy do prove to be a food aversion that most pregnant women suffer from during pregnancy. If you really want to consume eggs, but it would be hard on your stomach then you might have to be a bit creative with your menu

  • You can go on to shed scrambled eggs into small pieces and then stir in a dish mix to add texture and flavour

Do not force into consume something that you do not like. In order to have a healthy pregnancy you need not have to consume eggs.

What is the exact number of eggs that is enough to have when you are pregnant?

With eggs they are a storehouse of proteins but in terms of cholesterol are on the higher side. In most of the cases you can opt on to have a couple of eggs without any major problems. If the doctor is of the opinion that they are worried about cholesterol levels, the doctor is going to limit the number of eggs you are going to consume. Hard boiled eggs and pregnancy have a strong consensus.

In case if you are really carving for eggs do keep in mind the fat along with cholesterol levels. You might have to gain the right weight during the course of pregnancy and this would keep the baby to remain healthy.  An omelette with white eggs along with egg whites might be a perfect way to get rid of the craving which maintains a healthy level of fat as per your diet.