Coping with skin conditions during the course of pregnancy

There are some obvious changes that your body goes through the course of pregnancy. Pain medication while pregnant can deal with it, but hormonal conditions do go on to take a toll on the skin as well. The best part is that most of the skin conditions that are seen during pregnancy are going to vanish on their own after pregnancy.

Let us now go through some of the common skin conditions that arise during pregnancy

  • Hyperpigmentation- here the darkening of the skin tends to occur and the main cause of it is increase of melanin. This is the substance that is responsible for the skin colour and when you are pregnant excess amount of this hormone is being released.
  • Melasma- this could also be termed as a form of hyperpigmentation. Brown or tan patches tend to usually appear on the face and this is a condition all the more common among pregnant women. For this reason it is termed as mask of pregnancy
  • PUPPP- in this condition pulps tend to appear on the skin and this could cause a burn or a sting. These pulps could range in size considerably. When they do take over a large area it is termed as plaques. The common areas where they do appear are buttocks, legs and the abdomen

Pain medication while pregnant

  • Stretch marks- this is going to bounce back in proper state when rapid growth of it is have occurred during the period of pregnancy. This could also emerge due to excessive weight gain or loss. What happens is that it does go on to become stretch marks. They start as purple or reddish in nature and then goes on to become white or silver
  • Skin tag- is a small flap of tissue which emerges from the skin as a connecting stalk. They are not non cancer in nature and are found in the neck, back or in the groin area. Usually they are painful but common in pregnant women and this is the case normally till anyone goes and rubs against them
  • Acne- these conditions could worsen with pregnancy, but for sure it is going to improve the health of the baby

Dealing with skin conditions during the period of pregnancy

Once again it has already been mentioned that all the skin conditions are going to fade on their own once your pregnancy is over. In case if they do not disappear or you do want to do something about them, there are some treatments that are suggested. Pain medication while pregnant could provide timely relief, though it is suggested that before you opt for any medicines do consult your doctor about the side effects associated with it.

It is suggested that certain over the counter medicines are available to treat skin disorders. A proper evaluation is necessary with regard to the conditions so that a proper treatment plan can be adopted. The golden rule is that you should restrict your exposure to sunlight as far as possible.