Corona virus – mistakes to avoid

Corona virus is being a great threat to mankind. Many medical experts in various parts of the world were struggling to treat the corona patients. Millions of people have also lost their life because of corona virus. Especially the people who already have medical issues like cardiac attack and other related problems will have enhanced risks. The most unfortunate thing is the chances of death will be higher in these cases. Hence people who are already under health issues must follow all the precautions to stay away from this harmful virus. Even if they have very mild symptoms of corona virus, they must consult the experts immediately in order to know about their health condition.

No self medicine

The people who are affected by corona virus and the people who tend to have mild symptom of corona virus should avoid taking medicines on their own. This is because taking improper medications may worsen their condition to a greater extent. Hence in case of symptoms, they must approach the medical experts in their nearby zone and must get their suggestion over their health condition. In case if they are tested to be corona positive, they must carry out their treatment with the help of the authorized experts. The favipiravir Manufacturer can be approached by the experts who are in need of best medication for corona virus.

taking care of the corona patients can make use of favipiravir intermediate in order to treat the patients at the best.

Never get panic

There are many people who tend to act beyond the limit. It is to be noted that being panic may make them to think wrong. Hence they should never get panic. Not all the people who are having cold and fever will have corona virus. In order to know about their condition clearly, they must undergo corona testing. Only if the testing is positive they must carry out the treatment for corona.


As we all know, day by day the number of people affected by corona is highly increasing as the awareness of this virus has not reached all the people. The people with mild symptoms tend to ignore their condition and move out in the public places. Because of this kind of unawareness, the virus will spread to move number of people within short span of time. Hence the people who even have mild symptom should take things seriously and must go for testing without any constraint. Along with this, they can also isolate them for a while until they get their testing result.