Diagnose Cancer with a Credible Breast Biopsy Center of Los Angeles

Most women often feel the presence of a lump in their breasts. If the lump does not cause any pain or discomfort, they generally ignore visiting a doctor for its check-up, assuming it is harmless. Health experts in breast cancer caution women from committing such a grave mistake as this lump, which seems harmless might be the first signs of breast cancer for you.

A credible breast biopsy center of Los Angeles will help you get tested for the breast lump

breast lump

With the help of a biopsy, women are able to determine whether a lump in the breast is cancerous or not. In this procedure, a small sample of the tissue of the breast is removed for testing in the laboratory. If you have a lump in the breast that seems suspicious, you must visit a good doctor for a health evaluation. If the doctor suspects the lump to be cancerous in nature, a biopsy at a credible clinic will be conducted.

When you visit a good breast biopsy center of Los Angeles, you will be examined by a doctor before the procedure. Your past medical history will be evaluated before you are advised on the right type of biopsy to be taken.

The biopsy of these breast cells might involve removing fluid or tissue from the region. The cells are closely scrutinized under the microscopic and later tested to identify any presence of breast cancer. Doctors might use non-invasive methods to detect any kind of suspicious growth in the breast, like a mammogram or self-exam. However, if the doctor wishes to identify a potential malignancy in the breast, a biopsy should be conducted.

The pathologist will examine the sample carefully to check whether there is an existence of any cancer cells.  The professional will check whether these cancer cells have any special characteristics. There are reports that approximately 20% of breast biopsies in the USA have detected early signs of cancer. Again, in other nations like Sweden, where the costs of a breast biopsy are quite high, almost 80 % of women have been diagnosed with malignant cancer post the breast biopsy procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

A breast biopsy is conducted when you are awake. You will feel the biopsy needle going inside the breast for a few seconds, and later, the area will become numb. When it comes to pain, most women have reported just a little bit of discomfort; however, there is no scarring on the breast.

If you suspect that a lump in the breast can be cancerous in nature, it is prudent to get tested at a good breast biopsy center of Los Angeles. If you have any concerns or queries, you can always meet the friendly professionals there for a consultation. It is obvious you will be scared, but if you are lucky, the lump in the breast might not be malignant at all and can be removed by surgery. Talk to experts and get a breast biopsy done so that you alleviate stress and get into a treatment plan if diagnosed with breast cancer.