Differences between General and Cosmetic Dentist

Which services are you looking for? Do you want to clean your teeth and get primary dental services, or do you need dental appearance treatment? After answering these questions, we can help you find a cosmetic dentist or a general one because each of these dentists performs different actions and offer various services. Although all dentists care about patients’ dental health, cosmetic ones also pay attention to beautifying their smiles. Generally, as a dentist at cosmetic dentistry in Toronto describes, the cosmetic ones try their best to promote the shape and look of your smile, teeth, and even gum. Choosing the cosmetic or general dentist depends on your dental problem and aims. To find your target, try to find the best dentist in your demanded treatment; for more un-similarities between cosmetic and general dentists, read the post below.

Three Examples of Cosmetic Dentist’s Services

As we said before, a cosmetic dentist could share some services that are impossible to get from a general dental doctor. To understand the un-similarities between these 2 dentists, you can check out the services of a cosmetic one.

Those who care about their smile the most and look for pleasing teeth must visit cosmetic dental doctors. If your teeth have cavities or other decay, you must treat your dental problem before cosmetic dental care.

It means you must visit a general dentist to ensure your dental health, but other teeth appearance services are possible from a cosmetic one. Stay with us to get familiar with the 5 widespread benefits of a cosmetic dental clinic.

Whiten Your Teeth

In case of drinking too much coffee or tea and eating colored foods, your teeth will get dark-colored. Therefore you will need a method or treatment to whiten your teeth again.

This service is one of the most popular performances of a cosmetic dental doctor. These doctors whiten your teeth by lightening them and making your smile brighter.

 Fortunately, whitening tooth is an easy method to have a better and more beautiful smile. It only takes one hour to whiten your teeth.

Whiten Your Teeth

Bond Your Teeth

Besides whitening the teeth, bonding them is also one of the cosmetic dental doctors’ services. Don’t worry about your cracked or imperfectly shaped teeth; it is possible to cover them up with composite resin.

A cosmetic dental service can reshape your poorly shaped teeth. You must know bonding the teeth is not permanent and must replace every 5 or 7 years.

Contour Your Teeth

As the name shows, a cosmetic dental clinic can shape and contour your teeth quickly and naturally. Contouring the teeth doesn’t need a long visit; you only have to be prepared for one visit.

Do you ask how to find one of the best cosmetic dental doctors near yourself? We recommend checking out your dental problem and then deciding which doctor is best for you.

 Don’t forget a cosmetic dental doctor can provide all the services of general dentists while the general dentist may not provide cosmetic services. We can say it is easy to find a cosmetic dental doctor to solve your general dental problems.