Do You Need to Consult a Capsular Contracture Surgeon in Los Angeles After Breast Augmentation

All cosmetic surgical operations have certain inherent risks. Even the most qualified and experienced experts supervising such treatments cannot avoid them.  Breast augmentation surgeries are not an exception to this rule. As a woman from the Los Angeles region, you probably have undergone such a procedure recently. You may notice scar tissues appearing this region of your body.

Moreover, it could make you feel uncomfortable. It could also be painful to touch. In such a situation, you need to consult your doctor immediately. He/she may suggest you undergo a corrective surgical procedure to address the issue. People within the medical profession refer to this condition as ‘capsular contracture.’

Why is it necessary to visit a reliable capsular contracture surgeon in Los Angeles?

Cosmetic surgery experts in Los Angeles point out in recent years there have rapid technological advances in this field of medicine. This is the reason which most cosmetic procedures result in fewer complications. However, people need to understand that the human body is very complex. The overall body structure, nerves, muscles, underlining connective tissues differs from one person to another. This is the reason why the healing process in some patients takes longer than others.  The appearance of scar tissue after a breast argumentation surgery is a manifestation of this phenomenon. It is also common in all women who undergo breast augmentation operations.

After undergoing a breast argumentation surgery, your body recognizes the implant as a foreign object. Your body’s natural defense mechanism is surrounded it with a barrier of scar tissues. This also ensures that it does come out of place. However, in some patients, this capsule of thick scar tissues become very hard over time. Some of these individuals also complain that it becomes painful to touch. It also distorts the aesthetic appearance of their breasts. You could be one of them. In such a situation, it is prudent on your part to consult a proficient capsular contracture surgeon in Los Angeles. However, you need to choose an expert with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to treat your condition. He/she should also have a good reputation in the market.

What does such a medical expert do?

Different cosmetic surgeons specializing in this field employ different strategies to provide relief to their patients. However, before proceeding the treatment, they all conduct a thorough physical examination of such individuals. This is to assess their condition and the course of action they need to take. Some of these specialists may proceed to remove the prevent breast implant. They may do this as they suspect it may result in a bacterial infection. Then, they will replace it a textured gel of the correct size. After the procedure, they suggest to their patients to massage the area to relieve any discomfort.  The professional you go to will probably do the same thing.

You need to understand that it is not possible to prevent capsular contracture. It happens to every patient who undergoes a breast argumentation surgery. It is part and parcel of the healing process. However, if you experiencesevere discomfort, you should visit a reliable capsular contracture surgeon in Los Angeles. Only such a medical expert can provide with the relief you crave for.