Do you think douching removes, the vaginal smell?

All of us are aware of the fact that vagina has a foul smell which is a common situation with every woman. What a lady does not like is a smelly vagina and for this reason they explore ways to clean their vagina. Though there are numerous methods to clean your vagina, the most common method used in this regard is vaginal douching. But you need to understand on whether it is a safe option to opt this method or not. You would need to understand what this method is all about, and how it does help to remove your vaginal odour.

Douching is a method where you pour some water inside the vagina so that the smell is being flushed out and this does include the discharge of the vagina as well. You could also resort to the use of douching not only with water but other products like vinegar or iodine. Both of them are normally available in the local stores. This form of douching could also be undertaken by your doctor, if you are not keen on doing it yourself. In fact in the days gone by it was considered to be one of the best methods to remove dirt or smell in the vagina but now the situation is not the same as it goes on to pose numerous risks as well. It has indeed been found out that a majority of women still resort to the use of this method to clean their vagina.

The age group where douching is more existent in the bracket of15 to 44 years. They are not even aware of the pitfalls of douching and when asked it was referred that the art from their mothers. It is stated that the risk of pelvic inflammation along with other form of infections does increase with vaginal douching.  But the precise point is douching while pregnant is a strict no.

It is not only about vaginal douching, but you can resort to other form of methods that are risk free as well. The real question is whether a woman can get rid of her smelly vagina with the help of douching. The best answer to this question is yes, but to a certain point of time only. It just covers up the smell that is bound to return back in a few days’ time. When there is smell in your vagina you do become alert as you find out that there is some form of problem in your body and the services of a good gynaecologist are needed.

In fact the doctor is going to get rid of the serious problems that cause smell in your vagina. A thick amount of discharge is also common at this point of time. Therefore it is suggested that you take care of your health so that these problems are kept at bay on all counts. A research does point to the fact that women who douche more have more chances of irritation.