Dr. Karl Jawhari – The Benefits of Yoga for Back & Body Pain

The number of people suffering from mild to acute back pain is countless across the world.  Stress and a sedentary lifestyle are the prime reasons why people suffer from back and body pain. Most of them seek the help of doctors and take medications throughout their lives. However, these medications do not prove to be very effective. The pain subsides for some time only to resurface again.

Dr. Karl Jawhari-Yoga helps you to alleviate back and body pain:

Dr. Karl Jawhari is a speaker, educator, and health coach in Texas, USA. He has certifications by the US Wellness Chamber of Commerce. He is the Founder of the Core Integrative Health and Dallas Spine and Disc. He established this reputed medical center with a Pastoral team of skilled experts to help patients alleviate the woes and the tensions of back and body pain. He is a medical health care professional who believes that yoga has immense benefits when it comes to the alleviation of back and body pain. He says that many people suffer for hours daily when the pain surfaces. The severity of the pain is so much that they need surgery for a cure. However, surgery often does not relieve them of the pain. Some patient’s report that the pain resurfaces even after the surgery is over. They again have to face the same pain over and over again.

Exercise in the form of yoga helps:

He says that most doctors who treat back pain are of the opinion that mild exercise and yoga helps one to deal with the pain. This agreed order between mind and body actually heals the pain and addresses it from the root. The Pastoral, medical team of doctors in his center often suggest patients enroll for regular yoga classes for relief. There have been successful cases where the patients have reported to the June Board of medical professionals of the center that supervise and monitor the health of the patients that enroll in the center.

How does yoga help?

Doctors say that yoga helps to keep the body toned and the muscles in order. He says that everyone can learn yoga as it is simple to do. Both men and women of any age can enroll in good yoga centers for stretching exercises that help in dealing with back and body pain. The sudden feeling of pain hampers one’s quality of life, and this is why if one suffers from back and body pain, then it is advised to seek medical intervention at the earliest.

Dr. Karl Jawhari says if you suffer from mild to acute back pain, you do not have to live with it forever. Medications have side effects, and they affect you in the long run. You should always visit a good doctor and get treated for mild to chronic body pain. Regular yoga in this treatment plan helps you in a large way to alleviate the pain and return to normalcy in life without hassles at all, he says!