Dr. Roger Olade – An Insight into Internal Medicine

Internal medicine deals with the treatment of adult diseases. It is often referred to as general medicine. It focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of these diseases. Doctors that specialize in this field are known as internists. They are consulted by doctors of other specialties primarily because they have rich expertise and knowledge in the field of internal or general medicine. Patients who are chronically ill are referred to internists.

Dr. Roger Olade- Internal Medicine and its role in the medical industry

Dr. Roger Olade is an esteemed name in Nigeria. He is a medical professional with years of rich experience in the field of internal medicine, critical care medicine, emergency medicine, public health, occupational & environmental medicine. He is the Chief Medical Director of Genesis Specialist Hospital in Lagos. However, he is primarily based in Athens, Texas. He also is an inspiring leader in academic healthcare and works sincerely on articles and research projects for the healthcare industry. He also provides his specialist services to Genesis Inc Healthcare that deals with consulting services across the world.

He says that internists play a vital role in the medical industry. They are able to manage complex diseases and provide long-term care to the patient. However, it should be noted that internists do not perform medical surgeries. He says that in Texas, both men and women face a host of adult illnesses and diseases. They range from common disorders to acute pain in parts of the body. He says stress and sedentary lifestyle are the primary reason for the neck, back and body pain. The objective of doctors in the region is to help people alleviate the discomfort and pain of the diseases and health disorders they face.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine and patient treatment plans

Internists often help doctors to create a customized medical treatment plan for the patient. These doctors are often found in rehabilitation centers and clinics. They exercise their clinical experience and scientific knowledge for the diagnosis, treatment and the prevention of diseases. Doctors of internal medicine can work in any healthcare center. They provide primary care to patients. Doctors of internal medicine are not family physicians or general practitioners. They do have a long-term relationship with their patients. At the same time, there are some internists whose medical services are not completely focused on adults. They can also specialize in the field of obstetrics, pediatrics, and surgery. Some internists focus on caring for patients in hospitals, in the USA they are often referred to as hospitalists. Besides inpatient care, they also provide outpatient care for people.

Dr. Roger Olade says that many young people are now choosing internal medicine as their career paths in the future. Being an internist is a rewarding experience as you become an integral part of the lives of several people. Moreover, there are advanced developments in the field of internal medicine across the world today. This is why internists play a vital role in the world and choosing internal medicine as a career path is indeed a prudent choice!