Factors You Have to Know About Emergency Contraception Pill

The emergency contraception pill is a simple and effective method of preventing pregnancy following unprotected sex, contraceptive failure, or a sexual assault. Thousands of women use the crisis contraceptive pill without incident, and no significant difficulties or side effects have been reported. However, like with other pharmaceuticals, some precautions must ensure safe and efficient use.

The abortifacient pill is often known as The Birth Control Pill, although this is a mistake because women do not want to leave work early after intercourse to take the urgent birth control pill. The crisis birth control pill is much more effective than the sooner you take it after unsafe intercourse.

What is an emergency contraceptive pill?

Plan B contains the drug levonorgestrel. One Steps, Take Some action, Next Choices One Dose, My Way, and other etonogestrel contraceptives prevent pregnancy by preventing or delaying egg release from the ovary. Emergency contraception drugs may also modify the uterine lining, preventing egg implantation or reducing sperm’s ability to adhere to an egg.

The emergency contraceptive pill containing levonorgestrel 1.5 mg should be used within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. It can reduce your chances of pregnancy by 75% to 85%, but it works the best if you start taking it right away.

emergency contraception pill

Can birth control be used as an emergency method of contraception?

Due to the type and brand of oral hormonal contraception you use, a physician, clinic nurse, or pharmacist can advise you on how many pills to take. Higher doses of combined contraceptive pills, often referred to as the pill that contains both oestrogen and progestin, can be used as an abortifacient if you have no other options. They operate by delaying menstruation, and the number of tablets required for each brand or generic pill will vary. If you miss your cycle by even more than one week, you should get a pregnancy test.

Is the emergency birth control pill effective in terminating a pregnancy?

The EC pill will not terminate an already formed pregnancy. According to studies, using emergency contraception pills does not raise the risk of a developing fetus in women who may be pregnant unknowingly. On the other hand, the emergency contraceptive pill must not be taken by a woman aware that she is pregnant.

Women who cannot use combination birth control pills due to medical issues such as migraines, cardiac or liver disease, or nursing can usually use the emergency birth control pill because it is only a one-time dose.