Find Holistic Treatment In Line With 8 Constitutional Medicine

The 8 different body constitutions are different in ways they function and hence are to be cured of illnesses and problems differently. By keeping in mind these different body constitutions and putting to use the intricate understanding of physiology and pathology, 8 constitutional medicine treatment was introduced to the world in 1965.

Human beings have been classified into eight different body constitutions, ever since the birth of human life, in today’s’ world and in the future to come, this classification will be there and will not cease to exist at it is not man-made but nature-ordained and hence shall stay how it is for ages to come. This paradigm shifting medicinal approach and treatment was invented in the 20th century by keeping exactly this classification in mind.

Treatment According To The Patients’ Constitution

Every patient should be treated by keeping in mind his or her body constitution. The one size fits all approach in medical science is both careless and can cause loss of human life. To operate and treat patients without knowing their body type and constitution is like swimming in new waters without knowing about the threats underneath.

Treatments that benefit one person might prove to be practically ineffective on another person, the medication that almost always works with a particular body-type might even end up harming people that have a different body constitution. The 8 constitutional medicine keeps precisely that in mind and respects the diversity and difference in homo sapiens.

Even the effect of different environments varies on people having different body constitutions. This is how diverse the blood, flesh, and bones are and to disrespect this diversity by using the same treatment to cure every other patient is disrespecting the nature too and throughout history, human beings have suffered the consequences of considering themselves above nature itself.

8 constitutional medicine

Recognizing The Different Body Constitutions

The body constitution of a person can be determined by taking the pulse of the radial artery of both his hands. The recognition of the body constitutions is done by checking the pulse formations. Every human body has its kind of pulse formation out of the eight different formations which make up the eight different body constitutions.

These pulse formations cannot be altered and are the same right from a person’s birth. Like a birthmark, these formations cannot be altered by any means.

Shifting The Paradigm Of Medicine And Cure

The arrival of 8 constitutional medicine has shifted the paradigm when it comes to treating patients. Even in case of diseases which were considered to be practically incurable, it has worked wonders and enhanced human life ever since its introduction into the world of medicine.