Five Unexpectedly Brilliant Buys for Your New Baby

Discovering you are going to be parents is a wonderful, exciting and terrifying time of your life. But as well as being emotionally and physically enriching, it is also a huge financial commitment. Babies may be small, but they need a lot of kit!

There are some products you know you’ve going to need to buy (such as baby bibs and baby grows, for example) and some you know would be completely useless (high heeled shoes for babies, anyone?) but how do you know what is a waste of money and what you won’t be able to live without? This is a list of the unexpectedly brilliant products you might not have thought of, but that no new parent should be without:

A White Noise Machine

Want to experience the joys of parenthood with the least amount of sleepless nights possible? Then you need to invest in a white noise machine. Babies love white noise; it reminds them of the muffled sounds they heard when living in the womb. In fact, live in the womb can be so noisy that the silence of their new bedroom can have a negative impact on baby’s ability to get to sleep. A white noise machine is a great way to help your baby to sleep comfortably: choose a model with volume controls and easy-to-operate timers so that you can have a great night’s sleep too!

A Baby Sling

Most new parents-to-be will spend hours pouring over prams and pushchairs, discussing their merits and their special features. Sadly much less time, if any, is spent choosing the right baby sling for their new bundle. But, in our experience, not having a sling in your armoury would be a grave mistake.

Slings are much easier to use when navigating public transport or enjoying an off road walk. They also tend to sooth and calm baby much more easily because she is close to you and can hear your heart beating as you hold her and when you’re walking. What’s more, if your baby doesn’t like to be put down you could wear her in the sling whilst you hoover, cook dinner, and get on with your everyday life. It may just look like a long piece of fabric, but this is one baby product you shouldn’t be without!

An Aspirator

Before you have your baby you’ll probably have no idea what a nasal aspirator is. Once your little bundle of joy and snot arrives, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! When they’re congested, infants under the age of 1 are unable to clear this by blowing their noses. The result is snuffles, an inability to breath, and disturbed sleep for everyone!

A nasal aspirator is essentially a little tube that you place inside your baby’s nose and then use to suck the snot away so that he can breathe. Gross? Absolutely! But it’s so satisfying to instantly see your baby look and feel more comfortable. This is a device that will significantly improve your ability to sleep, which is why we consider it to be so essential.

An Apron Bath Towel

There’s nothing trickier (or scarier) than trying to handle a slippery wet baby and dry them after their bath: one wrong move and your precious bundle could end up on the floor: not a great plan! The apron bath towel is the perfect solution to this problem: it’s a hands-free towel that fastens around your neck like an apron, and you simple lift your baby into it and cuddle them dry.

We love the apron towel concept because it helps to make bath time easier: Perfect for when you feel like you don’t have enough hand!

A Nappy Subscription Service

Finally, new babies aren’t known for being great conversationalists. In fact, they generally only do two things: eat and poop! Why not make the nappy changing process easier and more stress-free by signing up to a nappy subscription service? You’ll never have to worry about buying nappies in the supermarket again, because the right number of nappies in the right size will simply turn up on your doorstep every week.

We love the simple convenience of this service, with removes another one of the hassles out of the day to day admin of being a parent. And when you finally decide to start tackling potty training? Simply stop your subscription: no notice required!