Flonase and Nasacort side effects

Allergy is a very commonly occurring medical problem these days and most of the people go through different type of allergies. Allergies are of a lot of different typeslike some people have allergy from some allergic agents and some people also have an allergy that appears in every season and some are those that remainthroughout the year and they reoccur at different intervals. Dust allergy and pollen allergy are quite famousones and so is the allergic rhinitis which can be seasonal or perineal.

The medicines that are used for the treatment of the allergy are known as allergy medicine and they are availableat the over the counter medicines. These medicines can be bought from any pharmacy very easily even without a doctor’s prescription but that doesn’t mean you should start treatingyourself on your own but you shouldvisit your doctor once in a while anddiscuss your medications with them and must also tell them how your allergy is doing and if it is getting any worse youmust contactyour doctor immediately.

Theanti-allergy that we all are aware of is the Flonase and Nasacort ad these medicines since are used a lot we will be discussing their differences in the side effects and the other interactions. So given below is the Nasacort vs Flonase side effects

Nasacort vs Flonase side effects

Side effects of Nasacort vs Flonase

Side effects are given thing with the medication and there is no such medication that doesn’t even have a single side effect. The side effect can occur and it is not necessary they will appear in everyone with the use of medication. Every medicine has slightly different side effects and here we will be discussing these different side effects in the Flonase and Nasacort. The side effects that are found in both Flonase and Nasacort areas follows

  • A headache
  • A sore throat
  • Bloody nose
  • Inflammation
  • A cough
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Allergic reactions
  • Wounds are unable to heal
  • Infections may worsen
  • Slowed growth in the adolescents

So these are the common side effect now coming towards the side effect that may occur with the use of  Flonase is one and only and that would be asthma like symptoms and now coming towards the side effects that may appear with the use of the Nasacort are as follows

  • Wheezing
  • Sneezing
  • “Pins and needles” in your hands and feet

These side effects make the Flonase appear somewhat safer with fewer side effects as compared to the Nasacort and even if you are using the Nasacort you must monitor your recovery too and that should be done with all the medications.

Drug interactions

The best way to save yourself from a severe drug interaction is by telling your doctor all of your medication histories and now if we talk about drug interactions with Flonase and Nasacort not much of information is available for the Nasacort while the Flonase has found to have interaction with all the HIV drug. If you are using some steroid for the treatment of allergy you must also inform your doctor about that.