Get Safe Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure Done by Compassionate Doctors

There are several instances where a rhinoplasty might not give you the desired results. This is when doctors will go ahead with a revision rhinoplasty to set things right. In most cases, the bridge and the tip of the nose need revision. Again, there might be some new problems like the nostrils becoming too wide, or the nose is not in proportion to the rest of the facial features. So, if the first rhinoplasty does not go as expected, doctors will recommend you for a second cosmetic surgery for correcting the flaws.

The revision rhinoplasty procedure is very delicate and needs a lot of care

Most rhinoplasty surgeries give natural-looking results, and only a few require a Revision Rhinoplasty procedure. This procedure will be similar to the first, and you will need to take all the preparations and precautions previously advised. Doctors ensure that you are completely healed from the first rhinoplasty surgery before they proceed with the next one.

Note the healing time for any rhinoplasty is generally one year, so you should never rush your doctor into conducting a second procedure without complete healing.

Choose your doctor carefully before undergoing the surgery

The second cosmetic procedure for rhinoplasty is obviously complex over the first, so you need to choose your doctor very carefully. Ensure that you check the credentials of the doctor before you decide to proceed with the revision rhinoplasty. You need to visit your doctor and speak to him about your concerns. You must be comfortable in the presence of your doctor and have your fears placed at rest. The doctor you choose should be compassionate and have knowledge when it comes to correcting abnormalities with rhinoplasty surgery.

Understand the nature of the procedure

Choosing the right doctor is not enough; you need to understand the correct nature of the procedure carefully and correctly. The procedure can either be simple or complex. It depends upon factors like the quality of the airway of the nose, the characteristics of the skin, the degree of nasal septum removed at the time of the first procedure, and more. Your doctor will carefully examine these factors before the revision rhinoplasty. The medical terms will be simply explained to you. You will know what will happen and what to expect during the procedure.

The Revision Rhinoplasty procedure is nothing for you to worry about even if your first rhinoplasty did not turn out as per your expectations. On average, about 15% of rhinoplasty procedures need a revision. You just have to be sure that the doctor you rely on is experienced and has the knowledge to rectify any problems faced during the first procedure. You need to feel comfortable in the presence of your doctor and ensure that he undertakes the highest quality standards when he is operating on you. Choose a good doctor with experience and positive track records when it comes to conducting a revision rhinoplasty procedure safely to your satisfaction with natural-looking results!