Hair Loss Problems? Activate Your Stem Cells And Make Your Hair Grow!

In the past decade, stem cell therapy has become more and more popular. But the question is, can it really help your hair to grow back? Hair loss or even damaged hair is a major problem for many. Every time we look at the mirror, we are praying to all the gods to help our hair to grow back faster. However, it seems like we see more breakage and hair fall in our pillowcases and in shower.

With modern technology comes new possibilities especially in the health and medicine world. Aside from good scalp treatment in Singapore, there are plenty of remedies that we can try. One of them is a hair transplant. When it comes to hair transplant therapies, stem cell therapy is one of the most recommended for hair loss.

Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss – Is It Possible?

Stem Cell Therapy is a non-surgical therapy that is very efficient where it stimulates and help regrow hair follicles. During this process, the stem cells in the middle of our follicles ensure a continuous supply of cells. This way, it can help multiply the hair cells faster when treating for hair loss or baldness.

The Treatment Process:

If you are interested to know more about stem cell therapy for hair loss, it is important that you understand how the treatment is processed. This way, if you finally decide to undergo treatment, you know what to expect. The process is very easy. If say you have moderate hair loss, the procedure can be done in two appointments.

Hair Loss Problems

  • First Appointment. During the first appointment, your doctor will remove some of the hair follicles – around 500 or so. These follicles will then be processed and cultured to produce more stem cells. What happens is, if they take 500 hair follicles, it can multiply to hundreds of thousands more follicles.
  • Second Appointment. This is done after 15 to 20 days. This is called the second stage where the doctor will insert the processed hair onto your scalp. 

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Restoration

Another procedure for stem cell therapy is for hair restoration. The doctor will draw the patient’s blood, have it concentrated and separated using the centrifugation process. Once this is done, it is re-injected to the desired area. This is another non-surgical, therapeutic option to help your hair grow back.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss

This non-surgical treatment is definitely a trend these days. Why? Because it is considered as a sure solution for hair loss. It is the safest way to help your hair regrow without having to suffer any painful treatment. It will require only a couple of appointments and you are done! In fact, those who have tried this treatment can vouch that they experienced positive results just one month after their treatment was completed.

So is stem cell therapy the hope of those who have hair loss problems It definitely is! So what are you waiting for? If all of your hair treatment fails and you are still having hair loss problems, talk to your doctor about stem cell therapy and find out if this is an option for you.