Hair Removal Alternatives that can be Permanent Solutions?

Everybody has hair on the body, however, it depends on the period of the year or the personal choices, you might like to reduce some of the hair. Quite opposite to a lot of marketing statements, no procedure for hair removal can eliminate hair permanently. Nonetheless, there are various ways for permanent hair removal Singapore that can remove hair for a couple of weeks or a much longer duration of time.

Here, we throw light on the most popular hair removal methods, along with their advantages and effectiveness.

What are the alternatives for hair removal?

Shaving can hardly get rid of the surface hair, that is how it grows again so soon. Tweezing reduces the hair from its root, this helps in slowing down the regrowth of hair. However with freezing also, the hair most likely grows back in no time.

If you want long-term solutions for hair removal, it is time you assess other techniques for hair removal. The methods listed below are classified by their proficiency to reduce hair for longer.


Electrolysis pertains to the usage of radio frequencies that are administered by fine needles positioned directly into the hair strands. The goal is to eliminate the hair strand and it does not facilitate any new growth of hair. This technique is required to be performed by a certified dermatologist or an electrologist.

Different from other techniques of hair removal, electrolysis is considered as a lasting treatment by the FDA. However, for promising results, you need more than one follow-up appointment.

A lot of people require follow-up rounds every other week or so. It depends on the duration of each session. It can be performed on any part of the body. It does its job for almost all types of skin.

Laser hair removal therapy 

Laser hair removal treatment is also a long-term technique for hair removal. It is similar to electrolysis in the way that this procedure acts upon hair follicles. It endeavors by scarring the strand with laser light to avoid any hair from growing back.

Laser therapy for hair removal is done on any part of the body, except the area around the eyes. The procedure works well in people who have lighter skin tones and those who have darker hair.

Similar to electrolysis, the technique of laser hair reduction employs numerous sessions for noticeable results. It depends on the place where hair removal is performed. You might require about five or six therapies every four to six weeks.

In a lot of trials, hair removal endures several months, and in a few cases, it may last for many years. When the hair grows back, they are always finer in texture and lighter in shade. Nonetheless, this hair removal technique doesn’t ensure the permanent removal of hair.