Information on wearing mask that protects us

Masks are only intended to be worn in one direction it can sometimes be difficult to find which way a medical face mask should be worn. These masks are much important to wear in the pandemic time. If a person needs to protect themselves from any dust or infectious virus, they can wear the mask. Many do not have knowledge about the mask, so here is little information that you need to know about the mask. The majority of masks have three layers. However, N-95 masks are typically composed of three layers. However, check it out are as follows:

wearing mask

  • Outer fluid-repellent layer: Usually blue or green in colour, this layer repels fluid, reducing the possibility of viruses and bacteria from the air attaching to the mask.
  • Middle layer high efficiency filter: The middle layer is responsible for catching viruses and germs. Particles that make it through the outer layers are screened here.
  • Absorbent layer: The inner layer collects and absorbs moisture, limiting the possibility of mucus or bacteria escaping the mask when the wearer coughs or speaks.

After knowing the layers you need to know how to out these masks in right way. These simple steps will teach you that your medical mask is properly fitted:

  • Wrap the elastic bands around your earlobes.
  • Extend the mask down to the chin and up above the nose which is the correct position. Make sure that the mask completely covers the mouth, nose, and chin.
  • Bend the metallic strip at the mask’s top over the nose bridge that will fit you. The mask should fit over the patient’s face and nowadays you can get mask of different size as well.
  • After putting on the mask, avoid touching it. If you do, make sure to wash your hands before touching the mask and after touching the mask for more info check it out.
  • People who use glasses should opt for a mask with a bendable border at the top so they may mould the mask to suit the bridge of their nose and keep their glasses from fogging. Professional masks should be reserved for front-line health care staff caring for patients.
  • An excellent mask features a second layer of washable, permeable fabric that prevents the wearer from dispersing potentially infectious droplets into the air. Because it is open at the bottom, a bandanna tied around the face does not work as effectively as a mask.