Is Cardio Exercise help gain better muscle mass?

Many people think that you are moving on the wrong track if you are doing cardiovascular exercises while bulking up. Actually, there is nothing wrong to do cardio exercises. On the other hand, they are good for muscles. It is a debatable topic and people on both sides have a big difference in opinion. Most of the people think that cardiovascular exercises will serve as an obstacle and all your hard work go in vain. If you are one of them, who are going through the same phase and in a dilemma that whether it is better or not? Do you think that by working out on a treadmill you will be able to impress opposite Gender? Have a word with your physical instructor about using weider body works chart.

Why you should do it?

When you do cardiovascular exercises, it is strengthens your muscle and make your heart and lungs work better. It will strengthen your bones and improve your digestion. It is good for a quality sleep and decrease the lactic acid. You can burn good amount of fat and it will decrease your muscle recovery time. At last, but not the least, it will help your muscles grow faster.

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Now you are supposed to discuss the harm, which cardiovascular exercises can bring. If you are eating less, than you require and at the same time, you are indulging yourself in cardiovascular exercises, it will harm you. The process is simple to understand that if you are spending more calories than you are consuming, it will keep a check on your muscle growth. A calorie surplus is required when you want to enhance your size and when you want to decrease or lose weight, creating a calorie deficit is adviced.

When you are working out here are a couple of things to keep in your mind.

Increase your calories

After adding cardio exercises in your workout routine, you have noticed that your body weight in decreasing, then increase your food intake. This will help you bring your progress back on your track.


You need to consume good quality protein in good quantity also. If you will not take the protein in the right amount, then you cannot see the desired growth in your muscles. To be on safe side, it is advised to consume at least 1 g of protein per pound of body weight. If you consume this much of protein, your muscle growth will not be hampered and your body will say thank you for that.

Do not overdo

You are exercising to enhance muscle mass, you are not a marathon runner. This is the fact you need to understand and this will help you limit your cardio exercises. You can also do cardio exercises on alternate days. You can do jogging for 20 minutes three times a week to get all the benefits of cardio. You can increase the intensity of your running. You can analyze yourself better than anybody else can. If you are aware of all the intricacies of bodybuilding, then you can take the right decision. You can also consult your physical instructor about taking weider ultimate body works guide.