Kitchen Cabinets Trends That Will Last into 2020 And Beyond

Keep your cabinets up to date with a modern makeover. In 2020, follow the leading styles of kitchen cabinets in Tinley Park to stand out. From rich to moody you’re heading into a year that’s all about expressing yourself. Here we have discussed some of this year’s biggest kitchen cabinetry that are going to trend. This guide will help you find trendy and stylish kitchen cabinet design that will stay modern for 2020, and the years to come.

A Closer Look at Kitchen Design Trends For 2020

  1. Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island With Storage

Your kitchen will become the ultimate hang-out space for your family and friends with open floor plans being a sure-fire favorite. Yes, the multi-purpose kitchen island with storage islands not only gives an extra prep space, but also acts as a great hang-out spot for your family and friends. In short, this type of kitchen with quartz countertops in Frankfort will hit 2020 and beyond.

  1. Matte Cabinet Surfaces

Matte finishes are popular now and beyond among farmhouse enthusiasts.  So, consider installing matte finished cabinet surface right from the store.

  1. Glossy Cabinet Surfaces

Glossy Cabinet Surfaces (acrylic) is one of the popular choices for specific kitchen ideas and won’t go away anytime soon. This is why today the demand for colors continue to rise when it comes to kitchen renovation. This surface gives a richer color and high-gloss appearance to your kitchen, and the outcome will be modern sleek look. Minimalist and industrial kitchen fit this Glossy Cabinet Surfaces well.

cabinet surface

  1. Wood Grain Cabinet Surfaces

Yes, over natural looks, people prefer solidly painted cabinets, but it doesn’t mean natural look cabinet like “Wood Grain Cabinet Surfaces” is out of style! In fact, this natural looking wood cabinet trend grows and lasts forever.

  1. Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Having low ceilings? Prefer darker colors near the ceiling to make the ceiling seem lower! Two-toned kitchen cabinets will be like darker color base cabinet that will be paired by white uppers.

Wrapping Up

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