Making it Safe with Breast Augmentation

Have you ever dream of having a larger breast to make you feel appealing? Are you insecure about your breast size? In our modern times, we can see how science and technology helped a lot of people with their insecurities to being conquered. Breast enlargement is an option for people who want to undergo a surgical procedure to increase the size and shape of the breast.

Why Choose Breast Augmentation

  • It looks more natural, which is a good thing. We want to maintain the natural appeal of our breast and we don’t want to exaggerate the size to make it look awkward or weird.
  • Maintaining a nice shape. When you lose weight, do breastfeed, and become pregnant, your breasts will become saggy. If you choose breast augmentation, it will not lose its natural appeal although you have to go through different stages.
  • Keeping it symmetric. It will give you that balance the shape and size of your breasts no matter what type of situation you are going through.
  • It will make your breasts look appealing and attractive. You will now have the confidence in being in your best shape with a pair of boobs that are esthetic in purpose.

breast enlargement

What are the Materials Used

In a breast augmentation or reconstruction, the aim is to form your breast with more size and good shape. Different types of implants will work well in your breast, and we listed them down below:

  • Saline. This is a kind of implant that is filled with a sterile saline solution which is similar to saltwater. The solution is within a silicone shell that is an elastomer type. You can find a different solution and you can even feel its firmness and how it gives shape to your breast. There is no need to worry if saline leaks because it becomes a natural part of your body and will be expelled naturally.
  • Silicone gel. This is the most popular one which is composed of silicone gel. If it will leak, it can either stay in the shell or spill out of the breast pocket which may collapse or stay still. There are risks in having a silicone gel as a form of breast augmentation so better do check-ups to secure the condition of the implants. Only MRI and Ultrasound can see through the condition of your implant.
  • Alternative Composite. It is made up of polypropylene string, soy oil, and other elements depending on the clinic you visit. Always ask your doctor about the type of material this implant will be made of.

Insertion and Positioning

Usually, breast implants are inserted into a pocket that can either a submuscular placement or sub-glandular one. A submuscular will go underneath your pectoral muscle which will take longer and much pain after the operation will take place. While a sub-glandular placement is hidden behind breast tissues or over your pectoral muscle. The healing process will depend on the type of treatment you have.

Choose the right clinic to have your breast enlargement to become successful. Listen to the experts so it will give you wonderful results afterward. Do not hesitate to ask for other information that may concern you during the process.