Medicated dandruff cleaner to cure the problem of dandruff

What makes us mammals?

There is a particular characteristic which makes us mammal that is the higher form of evolution in the animal kingdom. The characteristic which is here talked about is the feel or the sense with which we can dictate that what is wrong and what is right. This sense also enables us to a rational mind as well as to think and feel for the good. Now this sense of feeling and factor to decide what is right and what is wrong makes us the human beings. Again there is another characteristic which depicts of the fact we are different from the other taxon in this world is the presence of hair. Hair is nothing but a thread of protein emerging out from the outer part of the body surface. Including the Homo sapiens all the mammals in the animal kingdom is covered with hair. It is present on almost all part of the body surface. However it has a function too. It is permanently attached with the skin. Skin has got different layer in its constitution. The epidermis, dermis and the endodermis. The position is the outer, middle and lowermost respectively. Now the hair originates from the dermis region of the skin from the hair follicle, a bulb like structure at the base of each hair thread.

dandruff shampoo conditioner


As we all know that a thread of hair is composed of proteins. Protein with a name of keratin. Hair cover the body giving it a lot of advantages. Because of the presence of hair the body of the human being remain cold as it helps in the thermoregulation of the body. Now thermoregulation dictates many things in our body. Improper temperature control can negatively affect each and every function of the body. Our body needs an optimum condition for the each and every functioning of the body. High temperature will denature all the enzyme and will render them functionless and therefore no metabolic function will ever happen in the body. Along with the thermoregulatory function the base of the hair from the hair particles are emerging out (the bulb like hair follicle) serves as the home for millions of bacteria present rather residing in the body. These microorganisms are necessarily very much helpful for the body taking shelter from the human source and giving essential biomolecules to the human being in return. However dandruff is a real common problem occurring to almost everybody. People use a lot of dandruff shampoo conditioner to keep the hair in good state.


Shampoo is soap based solution specially designed for washing the hair. It keeps the hair is healthy condition as well as clean so that the dirt of the dandruff particles does not aggregate. It also removes the unnecessary microorganisms from the skin surface.


Some peoples due to some reason (as the reason behind the dandruff has not been known clearly) suffer from a lot of skin infection in regard to the hair. Medication to cure this systemic disorder is well available in the market.

Medicine Composition

There are different chemical drugs having a composition of salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole etc. They are either used in combination or used singularly to clean the scalp. Ketomac shampoo composed of ketoconazole is one of the best medicine shampoo that doctors prescribe to cure this particular disorder. So it is advised that patients undergoing the problem should consult with the doctors before it gets too worse of a condition.