New Teeth in One Day Mississauga

Mississauga has the perfect solution for the people of Mississauga who are suffering from tooth loss.  There are various reasons why people lose their teeth; dental issues such as periodontal disease or bone loss that is the result of tooth decay.   No matter what the reason is for your tooth loss, the specialists at the New Teeth in One Day in Mississauga can help you.

The All on 4 dental implants are that are offered at New Teeth in One Day – Mississauga is for people who are in need of several teeth up to a full set of teeth.  There are single and multiple implants available for those who are missing only a few teeth.  The people that come to the dental office are of various ages—young and old; and nearly everyone who inquires about the dental implant procedure is a candidate.

Making the decision to have a dental implant procedure is often a huge choice one has to make.  The team at New Teeth in One Day Mississauga wants to ensure that their patients are as comfortable as possible.  When you schedule a consultation visit, the doctor and others in the team are prepared to go over in detail how the treatment plan will go, any questions you may have will also be answered during this appointment.  This question and answer session is to allow the patient to be fully informed about the dental implant procedure and to avoid any surprises.  Also, it is encouraged that the patient bring along a friend or relative as their support system; this person is to not only ensure they have a safe ride home, but also someone to confide in and make them feel more at ease before and after the procedure.

To ensure patients are not uncomfortable or feeling any pain during the dental implant procedure we offer dental sedation; this sedation will allow the patient to be asleep during the procedure, and therefore more relaxed and comfortable.  This is one of the reasons we require the patient bring their friend/relative along.  To ensure they safely make it home following the procedure; we cannot allow you to drive yourself home after being under dental sedation.

New Teeth in One Day has the ability to provide the patients of Mississauga the opportunity of having a new set of beautiful teeth in just one day.  This is something other dental providers are unable to provide for their patients.  With a dental implant team that is available under one roof, the patient is not inconvenienced by being sent from dental office to dental office to see other doctors and technicians.  You show up for your appointment at the scheduled time on the day of your procedure, and when you leave the office you will be smiling a big, beautiful, new smile that’s full of brand new teeth.

If you would like to learn more about Teeth in One Day in Mississauga, give us a call and schedule an appointment for a no cost, no-obligation office visit for a consultation to see if dental implants are right for you.