Perfect Treatment for BackPain

Radiculitis, osteochondrosis, lumbodynia, sciatica, cervicalgia, thorakalgia, dorsopathy, there are many medical terms and one symptom is back pain. Lower back pain, neck pain, pain under the shoulder blades, people who suffer from them today are legions.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2/3 of the world’s population suffer from back pain. Studies show that in people aged 35–45 years, the incidence of back pain is up to 66.3%. At the same time, in 25% of these people, back pain significantly impairs their ability to work and even reduces their social status.Now with straight from the source this is the best deal now.

The Approach to Treating Back Pain Classical Medicine

Classical medicine has developed many ways to treat back pain, medication, physiotherapy, manual, surgical, etc. However, they are generally divided into two broad categories. The first group simply removes the symptom – pain, spasm and inflammation. You can now find

The methods of the second group work with individual structures of the body, primarily with different parts of the spine. After all, the main causes of back pain are usually recognized abnormalities of vertebral development, dystrophic-degenerative diseases of the spine or weakness of the muscular system. But at the same time, even orthodox doctors recognize: the severity of back pain in most cases is not directly related to the degree of development of diseases of the spine.

Common Causes of the Disease:

In children, back pain most often occurs either from the moment of birth due to a birth trauma, or later due to falling on the sacrum, tailbone during games or sports events. It is difficult for parents to notice such trauma at the time, because serious signs come much later, when the child does not remember this fall.

In adolescence, back pain can occur as a result of past injuries on the background of hormonal adjustment. In adolescence, there are strong jumps in growth, not all structures of the body have time to adjust to them. Because of this, there may be a twist of the body, from which the spine suffers, while neither the parents nor the child can even guess about it.

Women under 40 usually suffer from back pain much more often this is due to childbearing and childbirth. There is a powerful restructuring of the body, both hormonal and mechanical: the chest expands, the diaphragm descends, the internal organs shift. Directly during childbirth, the sacrum, tailbone changes its position and angle. Softened joints, ligaments and not always all these structures then return to their original position independently.

Men over 40, too, begin to complain of back pain. By this time, age-related changes in the whole musculo-ligament corset are usually taking place in the body, and adult injuries are added to childhood injuries, as well as everyday situations like stresses, surgeries. Often there are diseases of internal organs, which also create tension in the body, change its balance.

In all these cases, back pain is associated not only with the bone skeleton, but also with the muscles, ligaments, the position of the internal organs, blood circulation, the work of the nervous system. The spine only adjusts, adapts to changes and compensates for them while it can. As a rule, the true cause of violations is absolutely not where it hurts. And the task of the doctor is to find this cause, to make the correct diagnosis.