Quarantining and Social Distancing – How They Help You in Covid-19 Pandemic

Quarantine and isolation are health practices that are used to save public from being exposed to people who have or may have any contagious disease.

When an individual is affected with some disease, but not ill yet, is asked to stay in one place, either at home or any other location, to avoid further spread of that disease. On the contrary, when an individual is confirmed with having a contagious disease, they are isolated from other people who are not sick.

To flatten the curve during Covid-19 pandemic, government is taking the quarantine, isolation and social distancing as the measure to reduce the spread. It is also advised for sick people to wear a mask, which catches most of the germs and virus when they cough or sneeze. You can buy Respiratory Masks in Bulk or you can make your own fabric mask.

Quarantine is not only for the diseased, and even those who look healthy may be a carrier for spreading a pathogen without their knowledge. Since there is no vaccine yet to prevent corona disease, the best way to stay safe is to avoid exposing to this dangerous virus.

When covid-19 is in full force, government has the legal rights to introduce quarantine and isolation to protect people from the spread. Breach of which may result in negative effects like fine and imprisonment. However, usually government asks for voluntary quarantine for those who are infected with coronavirus and monitor the severity of that disease.

Quarantining and Social Distancing - How They Help You in Covid-19 Pandemic

In addition to quarantine and isolation, we need to follow social distancing to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Avoid gathering in groups, meeting outside people even if they don’t have any symptoms. You need to keep a distance of at least 6 feet from people. Social distancing is to be followed if you are vulnerable to any contagious disease.

For those who live in shared housing like, apartments and condominiums, following social distancing may be a challenging one. Wear the mask that covers your face and wash your hands with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, after using common stairs, elevators etc., and after blowing your nose or sneezing.

If you are facing water scarcity or soap and water are not handy, you can carry a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes or face before you sanitize your hands.

New studies suggest that coronavirus can spread through air too. It is highly recommended that everyone should wear a mask over their nose and mouth to protect themselves and reduce spreading to their loved ones, in case, if they are carrying this contagious virus without any symptoms.

N95 masks that are used by medical community provide best protection against airborne viruses. However, medical community is asking people to reserve these N95 masks for hospitals and first responders because of the short supply for N95 masks.

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