The parent coordinator is the impartial third party available just to help the parents in resolving the problem related to parenting and some other family related issues before their children moving in to the next program or school after the wilderness, or prior to their children graduation or just before returning home from the residential programs. They are also helps in many ways, such as:

  • Helps in clarifying the priorities before returning home or moving in the next school or program
  • Exploring the possibilities for problem solving
  • Developing some methods of collaboration in parenting
  • Developing some of the parenting plans which meets to the need of the children as well as the parents
  • Reducing some common misunderstanding
  • Identifying the dispute problems

This kind of situation is quite different than while we are assigned the parenting coordinator by the court. In this situation, the main goal is not to modify any orders, decree or judgment of the court. In this kind of situation decide to divorce just before to, or while the children are attending the residential treatment program or school. One main way is to help the children during their early stage is having some assistance of parenting coordinator to discuss openly about what all are happening in family. In some of the cases, this makes more sense for the children to hear about the decision to separate from both parents who have an additional support. If this is main case, the parent coordinators will also make sure which they work with child therapist. They repeatedly tell to the children which both parents will always love then and that you are also having the family. The coordinators who are helping the parents will help in doing as much as help to parents. So, assisting those helps in many ways is must.