Smarter and Finer Approach to the CBD Oil Usage

The oil is then added to the dissolved cocoa butter, while still heating and stirring, until the ingredients are combined. Then the resulting mixture is poured into the suppository molds, which can be purchased online, and left to cool at room temperature.

1-2 g of oil per 100 g of butter is a good way to start, because the suppositories are not too strong, but you can increase the oil dose, depending on the tolerance.

The Suppositories

Suppositories with Premium CBD UK are best for combating cancer of the lower parts of the body, such as the intestines, anus or prostate. Placing oil as close as possible to cancer is the best method of using it. Suppositories also open the lungs and make it easier to breathe, which is why they are also great for people with asthma. If you do not have the possibility to make suppositories like the ones described above, you can always use capsules as suppositories like CorrieYelland, which in this way got rid of rectal cancer.

For The Petients

For patients in the late stage of the disease or addicted to strong painkillers, such as morphine or vicodin, it is recommended to start with higher doses. It can then be seen that it is possible to discontinue these substances, or to reduce their doses by as much as half. The most important thing, however, is to feel at ease when taking it. You should slowly build tolerance without leaving the comfort zone. We are all different, some may accept more, others less, the most important that the dose is appropriate for you.

Unfortunately, many people who opt for oil therapy are already after chemistry or radiation. The damage caused by this “treatment” can be so large that both the time of taking hemp oil and its dose will have to be increased. Depending on the size of the damage and the type of cancer, it will be necessary to receive up to 180 g of oil and 6-month therapy.

The oil is also able to rejuvenate important organs, i.e. the pancreas. Diabetes confirm that after 6 weeks of cannabis therapy, they reduced insulin consumption by half. And in some cases they gave up completely because the pancreas started to work properly.

Skin Cancer

To produce oil suitable for the treatment of skin cancer, you need about 30 grams of high quality hemp, which will eventually give you 3-4 grams of oil. Apply it directly to the skin affected by cancer and wrap it with a clean bandage. The reapplication should take place every 1 or 2 days, as well as the dressing change. Once the cancer has disappeared, it is recommended to repeat the activity before the next 2 weeks, as if it were still there. This helps to ensure that all cancer cells die. If the fight against skin cancer has been going on for a long time, therapy will last longer. In most cases, cancer disappears in less than 3 weeks, but sometimes it lasts longer. The speed of treatment depends on the body as well as on the depth of the cancer.