The Best Hair Treatment For Balding Men And Women

Balding has been a big problem for most men and women. But, the most affected people are the men. They normally experience it on their head that makes them look old or minus poise to them. Thus, anybody suffering from balding will lose their confidence that lowers their self-esteem.

The best way to revive self-confidence is to look for an effective balding treatment. There are a lot of balding treatments available, it includes taking hair growth products and surgical procedures for fast results. Skyclinic  is a reliable medical clinic that specializes in hair treatment for balding, hair loss, and hair transplant procedures.

Is hair transplant permanent?

Hair transplant, a surgical procedure, uses micro-grafting technology for the extraction of hair follicles. The extracted follicles will be inserted in the balded area, like the scalp that is having hair loss or balding. The hair transplantation is long-lasting, which means it can be considered permanent.

After the hair follicles are implanted on the scalp, it requires time for the healing process. After completely healing, tiny hair becomes noticeable as it starts to appear. The new hair starts to fill the thin and balding area. The hair starts to grow and reaches the same texture and length as your existing hair.

If you would ask if the implanted hair follicles are permanent, yes, it is. The movement of these implanted hair follicles will go the same movement to the others. It can’t be moved back to the other position like how the other hair follicles on your scalp. Additionally, the implanted hair follicles have a growth limit.

Nobody accepts the fact that they are getting old, which is mainly the result of balding. Getting old is not a cause of balding, probably stress and some other reasons. Never force the conclusion that a person is getting old that causes baldness. It is a big no to this thinking as it has no evidence of proven studies about this.

Is it the right option?

As the final thought, a hair transplant will be the right option if there’s visible thinning or balding. The outcome of this surgical procedure is permanent, it can’t be changed nor undo it. An experienced hair transplant specialist in the most reliable medical clinic understands how to complete a natural-looking hair transplantation method – lasts for a long time.

The expected changes

Yes, there are expected changes when you do this hair transplant. The changes can be negative in the long run but it goes the same with those who have natural hair. Hair transplant may change when a person grows old. Once the hair follicles become thin, it leads to less hair production that is a natural occurrence in humans when getting aged.

But, you will not become entirely bald. Even if the hair is continually thinning, the hair line doesn’t reduce.

Indeed, aged people might get bald due to stress, and age has nothing to do with it. If it is true, how come many young people are experiencing baldness as well? Thus, a hair transplant may not be forever, but it can be considered as a permanent solution to your baldness problem.