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At Needle pro, you will find a variety of needles with various designs which will help you to take care of your needle supplies everything at one place. For everything regarding acupuncture needles at needle pro, you can collect information at needle pro-Australia, and also about all the technological innovations in the acupuncture world. They also sell the most famous Dong Bang acupuncture needles from Korea which is the best selling acupuncture needle in the world due to its high quality and economical reasonability. You can also find the j type needles with high strength, resilience and good quality at needle pro Australia which are made of German and Japanese surgical grade stainless steel.

We can supply our dong bang needles in a box of 100 or in a box of 1000 which are called as DongBang DB100 and Dongbang DB106. You can choose from whatever variety you want as practitioners prefer to use needles with various individual guide tubes then this box is absolutely for you with 100 needles. And acupuncture practitioners who want to work with a slighter faster pace and also who need quick access to the needles with less waste then they should take the box with 1000 needles.

acupuncture needles at needle pro

You can find a variety of needles with various gauges and lengths of acupuncture needles in both the package types. You can work at a variety of fast pace needles with precision and also with high-quality works. You can take dry needling for a few hours with this exclusive range of needles but can only be used by well-experienced practitioners. There is a wide range of needles offered at Acupuncture needle pro that includes spring metal acupuncture needles, hand and face needles, detox needles for hand and face, long needle packs, dermal hammers, press needles and magnets.

The variety of needles sold here are of great use and also an excellent quality which makes them the best sellers in the market and also has great demand among acupuncture practitioners. They are also used by chiropractors, orthopaedics, physiotherapists in various works and produce good results. You can check these needles at our store and order them online and get them delivered at your home. The company is very good customer service as they treat customers with good respect and also give a variety of things for them. You can get your cosmetic acupuncture treatment done with these needles and gain good skin and rejuvenate your skin and brighten your skin. This has been gaining popularity among various users because of the way they provide good quality needles and strength with a with double head dermal hammer.