The Most Complicated Dental Services Offered by General Dentists

Generally, those dental processes that require oral surgeries like bone grafting or dental implant are considered the most complicated treatments in dentistry. In such cases, the patients are commonly referred to professional dental specialists and oral surgeons; however, some dedicated general dentists can perform them successfully for their valued patients. But it should be noted this ability dramatically depends on their education and experiences. If you are one of those who need various complicated dental surgeries but you don’t prefer to undergo them in dental specialists’ offices, you need some important information about all complex procedures offered by professional general dentists. According to statistics at a top dental clinic in New Westminster, about 50% of dental procedures are done by an experienced general dentist. This useful essay will provide the most common dental procedures that can be successfully performed in general dentists’ offices.

Oral Surgeries Offered by General Dentists

Oral Surgeries Offered by General Dentists

If you are wondering about the type of various oral surgeries that general dentists provide, follow the below information:

Dental Extraction: In some cases, highly-skilled general dentists have no choice rather than performing minor oral surgeries to complete dental extractions successfully; however, more complicated cases who suffer from impacted wisdom teeth should be immediately referred to dedicated oral surgeons. The essential point that should be mentioned is that all knowledgeable and sophisticated dentists do their best to avoid dental extraction. They think of this solution as the final resort to preserve the patient’s oral health.

Root Canal Therapy: Generally, highly-educated dentists prioritize preserving infected teeth through root canal therapy. Your mild dental decays often become severe when you leave them unchecked for a while. In such cases, the infection will continue its trip to the deep sites of your teeth; therefore, you experience extensive pain and irritation. All dedicated general dentists are luckily equipped with high-tech instruments to provide this essential treatment successfully. However, most root canal therapy offered by general dentists can lead to positive results; it is essential to visit specialized endodontists for more complicated conditions.

Dental Implant: Nowadays, most general dentists have enough experience and expertise to install implant devices in your mouth without difficulties. In simple cases, they use high-tech tools to start the surgery and insert the implant in the right area. After the sight heals, the artificial tooth attached to the implant and your chewing ability will be instantly preserved. On the other hand, some cases require another important surgery procedure called bone grafting before dental implants. It should be performed to ensure your jawbone is strong enough to support the implant appliance. In such cases, it’s best to schedule a time for visiting dental specialists because they have more education to deal with all possible risks.

Now you are well aware of all available services that your experienced and dedicated general dentists can provide for you straightforwardly; therefore, you don’t need to spend higher costs to receive your needed treatments in the dental specialists’ offices. Besides, undergoing complex dental procedures in your general dentists’ offices doesn’t make you feel stressed or anxious. Thus, whenever you decide to restore your tooth loss with dental implants or even if you are in a lot of pain because of your severely infected teeth and you need endodontists treatment, call your dedicated family dentists without hesitations to realize if they can perform your treatment or you need the help of dental specialists.