Sore joints, aches, and arthritis pains can cause too much discomfort disabling us from our daily normal activities. Pain relief medications are the “go to” products that we use most of the time. However, taking it often can cause harmful effects on our health because of its harsh ingredients.

            AUSTRALIAN KUNZEA OIL is one of the ancient, natural pain-relief alternatives that can be harvested in the rough terrain of North East Tasmania. Zea Relief has discovered a way to use this, develop into essential oils which can help us with our joint pains and discomfort. Zea Relief products have active components that can trigger our body’s natural healing process by relaxing the muscles, ease the pain and increase the mobility.

Zea Relief Essential Oils

Kunzea Essential Oil.

AUSTRALIAN KUNZEA OIL is a wonder when it comes to essential oils. This can be harvested in Tasmania from the terminal branches of Kunzea ambigua plant. The Kunzea Oil has a clean, fresh aroma which can be often compared to the native scent of the Australian bush.the leaves are the plant’s part that is used in the steam distilled process.

            This oil can be used in an oil burner, vaporizer, bath, as a massage oil, spa, saunas, and even in potpourri and other room deodorizers. This has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. It blends well with Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Lemon Myrtle, Fragonia, and Rosalina.

Frankincense Essential Oil.

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The Frankincense Essential Oil is derived from a shrub which can be located in the Middle East. the oleoresin can be collected from the bark of this shrub. This was used as a medicinal alternative since the ancient times and is commonly used in rituals and spirituality. Until today, it is still used as an incense in many religions.

The Frankincense OIl is also called the Boswellia Carterii Oil. The resin is used in steam distilled extraction method. This oil is commonly used to relieve stress-related problems. It is also known for its cicatrisant properties and is also recommended for dry and mature skin types. It has a medium strength aroma of fresh and terpene-like scent. It also has a subtle green-lemon hint.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is a small bushy herb. This is known for its fragrant leaves. These days, peppermint herb is used as a tea. This essential oil is used as a flavoring agent as well. Many individuals who are suffering from digestive problems use peppermint to alleviate the discomfort.

            The ingredients used in the Peppermint Essential Oil is the Mentha Piperita Oil or also called Peppermint. This is traditionally used as an analgesic and can also relieve muscular pains. It has a strong, fresh and grassy-minty aromatic scent.

Cautions When Using Essential Oils

Zea Relief products are known to be very effective. But like any other products, there are precautionary measures that every user needs to know before actually using the product. Remember that these essential oils are for external use only. Make sure that you avoid it to get in contact with the eyes. It may be non-toxic and non-irritant but pregnant women should avoid using these products. Take note that these are flammable so you should keep this out of reach of children.