Things your massage therapist should be aware of

You may be very eager to be pampered at your massage session. A note of caution here is that some of the massages may not be suitable for your condition. The therapist should know about many important things concerning you prior to the massage session. The following listed are some of them.

  • Whether you have visited a massage therapist before and are you aware of the different types of massages available, is what the therapist should ask first. If it is your first visit, then your condition needs to be analyzed so that treatment methodology can be ascertained. They should let you know what your body needs and how long it will take to recovery. Also, if you have already experienced a massage session and did not find relief, you should let them know this too. Based on this they can try other modalities that may suit your condition so that you feel some improvement.

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  • The therapist should also know about your profession. If your work is a desk job and entails long hours with a laptop or computer the reason for your backache and shoulder pain could be that. They should also ask you various questions regarding your posture during work, the number of breaks you can take, your screen time other than at work, etc. This can help them decide on the correct treatment. If your pain is for a considerably long period, they could also ask you to consult a doctor first so that any scans can be taken and the correct issue is identified.
  • Before starting the session, the therapist should know if you are in pain. By moving their hand around they can know where exactly it hurts. The pressure points are identified and massage is given accordingly. Only when the area where you experience pain is identified is it easy to proceed.
  • The therapist should know if you have any health conditions that need to be disclosed. Certain conditions that are not going to interfere with the massage need no disclosure. The therapist should make this point clear.
  • It is important that the therapist asks about your allergy information. You may be allergic to certain fragrances or may develop rashes when some essential oil is applied. If this is not disclosed ahead of the session, it becomes a great issue later. The Mantis Massage Austin center should ask for all this information in the sign-up form itself.