What is short leg syndrome? Explain their symptoms

When one leg automatically starts becoming shorter than the other, it is called short leg syndrome. Due to the short leg, the body starts unbalanced and tilt to one side. Tilt at one side resulting in chronic leg and back pain. Dissimilar length of legs makes pressure on muscles and spine so that it keeps the pelvis downward. Short leg syndrome is called a leg length dispensary in between medical community. In simple words, an individual who is suffering from one leg shortening then it is known as short leg syndrome. The difference in both legs is not visible most of the time. Nobody is symmetrical but in between the middle age the leg dispensary is tolerated easily but after forty years of age, this leg’s dis-balanced starts problem in our body posture.

Cause of SLS:  SLS may cause due to different lengths and shapes of legs by birth or due to a decrease in deficits between the legs. The short leg syndrome is of two types:

  1. Anatomic and
  2. Functional
  • When there is a difference exists between the length of bones due to structure or other reason, it is known as Anatomic short length syndrome.
  • When the difference in both legs is appeared but intact structurally is called functional short leg syndrome. It may cause due to injuries in soft tissues, ligaments, muscles, or other dis-functions.

short leg syndrome

From leg to spine any kind of injury can create misbalance in a body so that there may be compensation on legs, spine, and hips. Gravity plays a tough role in our bio mechanism. It may lead to misalignment in knees, ankles, and pelvic. When all this dis-balance in a body happens it makes a burden on the joints. Much use of few muscles perhaps the spine, hips joints, knees are leading to osteoarthritis. It seems when the symptoms of short leg syndrome start visible.

Here we will discuss the causes of short leg syndrome.

  1. In Anatomic SLS there are many causes of disease like:
  • In birth Scoliosis
  • Surgery of hip replacement
  • Variation in the length of leg normally or abnormally
  • When the effects of injuries or fractures during childhood seem late.
  1. The causes of Functional SLS are:
  • Tightness in Psoas spasticity or IT bands.
  • Injuries in knees, hips, ankle, or bad running bio-mechanism.
  • Osteoarthritis in back, hips, knees, or ankles.

Short leg syndrome is a disease that is found usually in people after the age of forty.

Conclusion: Short leg syndrome disease automatically generated when there is a difference exist between the lengths of both legs. It makes the body unbalanced to that it causes joint pain from ankle to spine.