Yes! Melanotan Is Safe and Effective

Is it safe to use injections to tan the skin? This is a common question asked by many people who admire tanned skin. This questions started popping when the options for tanning injections for sale starting surfacing on the internet. While many people are used to tanning oils, UV therapy, and sunbathing those who have used tanning injections such as Melanotan promise never to use any other method of skin tanning. The process is safe, has minimal effects, saves time, protects the skin, and gives perfect uniform skin colour. If you are one of those who have been questioning the safety of using injectable tanning hormones, then I am here to help you. Just stick to the article until the end and enjoy the piece as you learn something helpful.

First, let me answer your question of is it safe to my skin?

Since tanning injections emerged, many clinical tests and trials on the effectiveness and safety of such products have been carried out. Up to date, some tests on some emerging injections are still ongoing. However, back in 2018, most of the tanning injectable was approved and declared safe to use. Therefore, you should not be worried about the safety of the product, if you wish to tan your skin and you have probably shunned sunbathing and other therapies which would expose your skin to unsafe conditions. You can order your Melanotan online in various vendors who have tanning injections for sale and enjoy the many benefits that come with the product.

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The only thing that should give you some Goosebumps are the side effects of the injection. Well, even the drugs that the doctors prescribe for us have side effects, and we are well informed about them. However, we take the drugs to cure a significant health problem and manage the side effects. The side effects do not occur to everyone; some use the Melanotan safely without experiencing side effects while others experience mild effects. These include face flushes, mole darkening, spontaneous erections- if you have erection dysfunctions and want to tan skin, then Melanotan would help you kill two birds with one stone.

But what is Melanotan?

Popularly known as” MT” Barbie drug “or the Mel” Melanotan is an artificial hormone which helps accelerate melanin production. Melanin is a pigment that gives the skin a dark colour. It is an essential pigment because it protects the skin by absorbing extra UV radiation. This explains the fact that dark people have few cases of skin cancer arising from UV radiation. People get it wrong they try to tan through sun-basking without reliable sunscreen. They expose the skin to UV radiation which is harmful to the skin and can cause skin cancer. They also expose the skin to sunburns which irritate. Injectable Melanotan helps repair damaged skin cells while entirely tanning the skin.