5 fun breakfast recipes your child will love

Wondering what to make for breakfast that your child will eat without complaint? Here’s presenting fun and easy ideas that your child will love.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the day, keeps you full up to lunch time, and keeps your energised and alert as well.

But breakfast is often a point of conflict at your home, because your child rebels against most items that you set on their plate. They refuse to drink their glass of milk, insist on store bought juice instead of the fresh juice you make, and only want cheese toast and fried goodies for breakfast. Naturally, you want to discourage poor eating habits because you want your child to grow up healthy and strong. So how do you solve the daily morning fracas at the breakfast table?

Here are some fun breakfast recipes for kids that will your child finishing their meal without a fuss:

#1. Milk. Milk is a must-have breakfast staple for your child. It provides a range of nutrients essential for physical and mental development, from protein to calcium, and from good fats to vitamins. However, instead of plain milk which your child might not like, you should add baby milk powder to improve its taste and boost its nutrient value. The best baby milk powders today come in delicious  flavours like vanilla and are packed with several nutrients per glass.

#2. Bread poha. If you have some bread left over from the previous day, you could whip up a delicious breakfast recipe that kidslove: bread poha. Crumble up the bread slices, and chop up onions, tomatoes, potatoes and green chillies. Toast the bread pieces to give them a crunch, and add them to the fried vegetables. Top up with coriander, peanuts and grated coconut.

#3. Dosa and idli. Dosa and idli are good breakfast options, since they provide carbohydrates and fibre, and very less calories. Your child will love freshly made dosa or a plate of mini idlis. Add grated oats to the dosa or idli batter for better digestion, and use only a teaspoon of oil on the pan. Serve with fresh coconut or tamarind chutney, and sambar.

#4. Vegetable and egg sandwich. Sandwiches are an easy and delicious breakfast recipe for kids and adults alike. Your child will be quite excited to see a wholesome breakfast of vegetable or egg sandwich with a small glass of fresh fruit juice. Vegetables to add to the sandwich include onion, tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, carrot and beetroot. Use whole wheat bread and butter with no added salt preferably.

#5. Aloo and Paneer paratha. It’s fulfilling, tasty and always a favourite. A popular breakfast recipe for kids, aloo paneer parathas are full of wholesome goodness. Your child benefits from the carbohydrate, protein and minerals from the dish, and the paratha releases energy slowly and keeps your kid satiated for longer. Serve with mint chutney or boondi raita.