Care tips before you go for Brazilian wax for the first time

So you are planning for your first Brazilian waxing? Well, getting your first bikini wax is certainly not a fun experience. Though this method is popular and has smoother and longer-lasting results, many believe that Brazilian wax is like purposefully putting yourself into the pain. However, Brazilian waxes do not have to be that painful. Getting waxed to remove unwanted hair down there might not feel good; however, the smooth feel afterward certainly makes it a worthy beauty chore. It is essential to understand what you would experience.

Preparing yourself for this process will certainly make you enjoy a hassle-free waxing experience. Let us have a look at what a full bikini wax involves and how you can prepare yourself for your first wax.

  • Prepare your mind – For a Brazilian bikini wax, you will need to bare it all. This process involves removing hair from down there. So, your lower half is going to be exposed. Also, a wax specialist will be going up-close to your private parts. You need to prepare yourself for this.

If you can’t do this, several bikini waxing kits are out there in the market. You can try bikini wax at home. This is a cheaper and easier hair removal process.

  • Aftercare is certainly important. However, the pre-wax process is more important to ensure a smooth and easy experience.
    • Make sure your hair is long enough. This is very important. Many women make a mistake to shave before their bikini wax. However, wax cannot pull hair properly. If you think your hair is too long, do not shave. Your wax specialist will trim it if needed.
    • Exfoliate and moisturize- Healthy and moisture-rich hair and skin will make it easy to get through the process quickly and with less pain. Routine exfoliation and moisturizing are always recommended. Exfoliating a day before is the best way to get the most effective hair removal. Scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells. Do not apply any kind of oils, lotions before your appointment.
    • Shower and rinse the area ahead of your appointment.
    • It is going to hurt- As this process involves the use of waxes to stick hair and then pulling it off to remove it at the root level, it is going to be painful. If you can’t bear the pain, you can take painkillers two hours before waxing. This will help alleviate pain and inflammation of the skin.
  • During your wax appointment-
  • What you need to do during your wax appointment is to be confident about getting a wax done and relax. Be calm and take a deep breath. Feel free to communicate with your ask specialist and clear your doubts.
  • After your wax- you may feel uncomfortable and look raw after your wax. You need to take care of a couple of days. Avoid exercises, swimming, superhot water after your wax. Also, avoid touching the hair-free area. Wear loose clothing that will help your skin breathe and stay comfortable. Avoid using regular lotion or artificially fragranced products in the area, which can cause irritation.

So, take care of pre-wax measures, stay relaxed during your appointment, and be keen about aftercare. This will surely help you get through the process easily, and you can flaunt flawless and long-lasting results.