Scalpel Free Vasectomy – What Men Need to Know About This Birth-Control Treatment

Vasectomy is a popular birth-control operation which men undertake to prevent them from having children with their partners. The procedure prevents the sperms from exiting their bodies by cutting off their vas deferens.  Doctors performing this surgery achieve this objective by inserting holes into the duct. It obstructs the passage of sperms to the main reproductive glands called testicles. As a result, they are unable to impregnate their partners during sexual intercourse; however, they can still ejaculate and experience orgasm.

Scalpel Free Vasectomy – What does this procedure involve, and is it safe?

Scalpel Free Vasectomy

In a conventional vasectomy operation, doctors make incisions into their patients’ scrotum. Only then can they reach two tubes known as vas deferens present in each testicle. They then proceed to remove a small portion of each of these tubes. This leaves a tiny gap between both ends of the vas deferens. After doing so, the doctors go on to sear each of the incisions and tie them with stitches. These stitches normally dissolve within a short time to close the incisions. As there is a gap in each of vas deferens, the sperms cannot reach the semen.

In the case of scalpel free vasectomy, the doctors carrying out the procedure do not make any incisions. They instead puncture a hole into the skin of their patients’ scrotal sac with a hemostat. This causes the skin to gently expand until the vas deferens becomes visible. Since the puncture holes are very small, the patients do not require any stitches after the procedure. As a result, the recovery time is faster in comparison to conventional vasectomy operations.  The entire operation hardly takes more than 45 minutes.

What should patients consider before taking this surgical operation?

Surgeons say men who are interested in undergoing no-scalpel vasectomy operation need to consider the following factors:

  • They should absolutely be certain about having no children in the future,
  • Consult a medical expert with adequate experience and knowledge to gain more information about the procedure;
  • Discuss the issue with their partners before taking any final decision; and
  • The procedure is very difficult to reverse once taken.

Advantages of no-scalpel vasectomy operation

Surgeons point out the following four advantages which men enjoy when they undergo this popular birth control operation:

  1. The no-scalpel vasectomy is effective in preventing any form of unwanted pregnancy;
  2. Long-term complications and side-effects arising from this surgical procedure are rare;
  3. Taking the surgery does not affect any of patients’ hormones or sex drive;
  4. The recovery time of the operation is significantly shorter in comparison to conventional vasectomy; and
  5. The procedure is safer than other forms of sterilization operations for men

Scalpel free vasectomy operation is a boon for men who do not want to have any more children for personal reasons. The whole procedure hardly takes more than 45 minutes, and the recovery time is very short. It is also safer than other sterilization operations available for men.  They do not experience any complications after the surgery, and their sex drive remains the same.