Should You Be Choosing Contact Lenses over Glasses

Not everyone is a big fan of wearing glasses. Though glasses are helpful in many ways, today’s young generation is more inclined towards wearing contact lenses than glasses. They complain of glasses being outdated, heavy, and out of fashion. That is always not true, as glasses can also make one look stylish. However, it cannot be denied that glasses have tend to take a backseat in this competition. There are many benefits of opting for contact lenses,some of which are good enough to go with the choice of contact lenses.

What are the benefits of Contact lenses

Following are some of the plus points of going with contact lenses:

Contact lenses promises better comfort to eyes– In today’s world, and with the advent of technologies, one can lay their hands on different kind of contact lenses that are available in various materials. There is a kind called hybrid contact lenses that has the best of both rigid and soft contact lenses. The center is made of durable material that promises a clear vision.

Contact lenses makes viewing easy– Many vision issues can be corrected with the use of contact lenses. Most of them are designed in a way that they can cure astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and refractive errors. Many lenses are specialty lenses that helps resolve specific vision related problems. Those who suffer from corneal irregularities can benefit from using Scleral lenses. The scleral lenses come with a big diameter that are beneficial in dealing with problems related to the cornea.

Gives the flexibility to move around freely- Wearing glasses can be uncomfortable for many. Glasses sit over the nose which can be very uncomfortable for one. At the same time, wearing glasses means you have to take care of the same and keep it in good order. If not handled properly, the glasses can break too. These limitations are not present when you use contact lenses. Contact lenses are securely applied to the eyes giving you flexibility to go about doing the daily chores without any problem.

The visual is clearer– Glasses promise a clear vision, but they tend to get dirty easily as well. Contact lenses are placed directly on the cornea which gives on unrestricted central and peripheral visual access. The vision is clear and not distorted.

There is no issue with the glare– While driving or while merely walking down the road, you can have trouble facing the sun’s bright rays. They bounce off the glasses blinded by the glare causing visual distractions. But contact lenses don’t create any glare or sharp reflections of the rays of the sun. This is because the lenses don’t sit in front of the eyes, but directly on the cornea. They are perfect for those who are involved in outdoor activities.

Contact lenses can be worn in all weather– Glasses can be troublesome to wear in all weather. They are not perfect to be worn during the rain. Plus, they fog up when one moves from cold to hot settings. It also collects dust and dirt during a stormy weather. One does not face issues when one wears contact lenses.

Just like glasses, contact lenses are also available in various colors nowadays. As such, when it comes to style, contact lenses are not far behind. They are safe to use and reduces the risk of severe vision related complications.