What Deals You Need for the Hemp Usages

CBD is obtained from the hemp plant and this plant contains only traces of THC. The hemp plant is therefore legal in the Netherlands and the plant is used for various purposes.

THC is mainly obtained from the weed plant. There is both weed oil and CBD oil. Both oils are therefore Hemp oils, because they come from the Hemp plant, but each therefore comes from a different type of Hemp plant.

Hemp oil is therefore the collective name for all types of oils that are extracted from the Hemp plant. With the Love hemp UK you can have the best choices.

What is Hemp oil?

Weed oil comes from the weed plant. Weed oil, also called THC oil, contains a high THC content and a low CBD content.

However, Hemp oil or THC oil is available on prescription in some cases. Of course you can make THC oil yourself, but this is not legal and moreover not always safe.

Every different type of oil is produced in a different way. CBD oil, for example, is produced by means of CO2 extraction. Thanks to this extraction method, it is possible to largely filter out the psychoactive substance THC. CBD is therefore not psychoactive and completely legal for that reason. But how is Hemp oil produced? Oils in which the preservation of THC is important are produced by alcholhole extraction. The alcohol in this case serves as a solvent in which the THC will completely dissolve. The alcohol is then evaporated and when this process is over, a highly concentrated THC paste will remain. This pasta is mixed with olive or hemp seed oil. The most common dilution of Hemp oil has been diluted 5 times.

Where can medicinal Hemp help?

There is plenty of research into Hemp oil. More studies are being done on CBD than on THC, because THC is not a legal substance and it is therefore difficult to obtain subsidies for the studies. So far it can be concluded that many scientists are enthusiastic about CBD. However, too little research has been done into CBD today and scientists are not allowed to draw firm conclusions from it.

Which dosage with Hemp oil?

The dosage of Hemp oil is different for each person. An important factor here is the concentration of CBD in the oil. As you can see in our webshop there are many oils with different concentrations of CBD. We always recommend that you first follow the dosage as described in the instructions for use. You can experiment a bit with this yourself. Always listen to your own body.

Active substances in Hemp oil

The tiny hairs on the Hemp plant are responsible for the secretion of a resinous liquid containing the active substances. When we talk about active substances, in the case of the Hemp plant we are mainly talking about cannabinoids. The two best known cannabinoids are CBD and THC.

In addition to CBD and THC, the Hemp plant also contains around 70 other cannabinoids. All of these cannabinoids are very similar to THC and CBD, yet each active ingredient has a different property. The other cannabinoids are also being investigated more and more, because they can also be used for different purposes, just like CBD and THC. Examples of other cannabinoids are: CBN, CBG, CBC and 8-THC. When all these substances occur together in one oil, the entourage effect will occur. When the active substances are active together, the substances will reinforce each other and in this way do better justice.