What is the reason for you to get an ultherapy treatment?

When you are getting older there are also signs of aging which you have saggy skin on your chin, brow, neck, and wrinkles. These are common to people since it is certain to happen and it can lower your self-esteem. When you are planning to get surgery to tighten all your loose skin in your body it will be time-consuming. Radium Medical Aesthetics is your ideal provider for Ultherapy in Singapore, find out more here.

 The type of treatment is the replacement to tighten and lift the facial skin which is done through surgery. The treatment will have an exact amount of ultrasound energy that travels underneath your skin without harming you. And because the treatment is using an ultrasound technique there will be no incisions or toxins that you will get. You will see the improvement of the lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles without any side effects. The treatment is ideal for those people that dont like to undergo surgery.

 No recovery time

And because there is no surgery needed you dont have to do any post-treatment care for your skin. It is ideal for those people that have a busy schedule and lifestyle and their time is essential for them. After you have received the treatment you can continue on working. You will be comfortable because the treatment also uses sound waves to develop good results.

It can be customizable

One of the benefits of the treatment is the doctor can give a visual to the layers of your skin and that is because of the ultrasound imaging. It only means they can work straight location that you need an improvement. It lets you see good results after treating a certain area in your face.

Radium Medical Aesthetics is your ideal provider for Ultherapy in Singapore, find out more here.


The therapy is approved by the FDA as a safe non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and sagging facial skin. The treatment is successful you will be safe and it is harmless when it is being applied as a treatment. The use of ultrasound technology is common in the medical field which it is used for almost half a century.

Fast treatment

When you undergo a procedure you will be in the hospital for more than a day. However, when you use ultrasound therapy it will be a fast treatment and you dont need any medical attention after the session. With the use of the treatment, you no longer need to rest from work for days and you can get back to your daily routine.

Extensive results

The results of the treatment will depend on the reaction of every person and it may not be visible yet they are long-lasting. Rather than the other treatments you need to do a seasonal check-up, the ultrasound therapy can last from one to years after one treatment.