When you are serious about treating the pain in your veins

While that may seem like a strange thing to say, after all, how could someone suffer from pain in his or her veins, it is actually in reference to venous disorders and diseases. But come to CVI clinic in Southlake TX when you are serious about treating the pain in your veins. You may be surprised to learn that many people suffer from venous disorders and diseases. In fact, spider and varicose veins are common complaints among Americans, especially older ones. More about spider and varicose veins and the various treatments available to treat them below.

What are spider and varicose veins?

If you are familiar with current basic medical breakthroughs in research, treatments, and medicine, you have probably heard about spider and varicose veins. However, you may not have any idea what these venous disorders are and what causes them. Spider veins result from dysfunctional valves in certain veins which are close to the skin. The valves don’t open properly if they even open at all. This results in blood cells and plasma being unable to flow freely throughout the body through the vein. Blood will back up in the vein resulting in vein swelling. The result is red and blue bulging veins which are visible to the naked eye. This is a very serious and potentially deadly condition which requires immediate medical attention!

If you see a person whose veins are blue and bulging under his or her skin, you know that he or she suffers from varicose veins. They can manifest themselves in the form of spider veins as well. In many cases, varicose veins can also be distinguished by patches of capillaries which has collected pools of stagnant blood. It should not take a genius to understand why this is a condition which is very dangerous, can be life-threatening, and requires immediate medical attention.

Best treatments for spider and varicose veins…

The best treatments for spider and varicose veins are endovenous ablation and closurefast. These treatments are explained in-depth below. Vein Pain Physicians is the best clinic to go to in terms of treatment partly because its doctors are specially trained in these areas, and partly because they use the latest techniques, equipment, and medicines available to perform these procedures.

Endovenous ablation uses laser energy to cauterize and close varicose veins which are causing a great deal of pain and discomfort to patients. This procedure has saved many a life because of the dangerous nature varicose veins present to the person who has them. Closurefast is a treatment which requires little to no invasive or potentially dangerous/deadly surgery. This treatment uses radiofrequency energy to close those varicose and diseased veins in people who suffer from this. The blood and plasma seek transit through the body through healthier and more functional veins as a result.

Then there are the doctors

Vein Pain Physicians employs only the best educated and most experienced doctors in the field of vein pain management. All doctors are board certified. Board certification is an elite certificate which makes a doctor an expert in his or her study of medicine. You can rest assured that you will be taken care of by competent and caring professionals who will make your health, and medical well being and safety their number one priority.

Now that you know…

Now that you know that a great clinic exists in Southlake Texas which can treat your vein problems, why don’t you register for a free online consultation with Vein Pain Physicians today?