Four reasons why cruelty-free skin products are better than regular products

Even today, animal testing is still prevalent in almost all major industries mainly in medicine and cosmetics based on reports from the Cruelty Free International where more than a hundred million animals are used for testing around the world annually.

If you come to think of it, regardless of the company’s reputation and magnitude in an industry, they are not exempted to test animals knowing that there are far better alternatives rather than animal testing that are always available, and brands can easily choose not to sell in China because there are a lot of companies that deliberately stayed out of the market in order for them to maintain a cruelty-free operation.

There are companies which test on animals this year still does this where they choose cruelty which a lot of people around the world are now withdrawing their support.

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If you switch to products that are animal cruelty-free, it is also one of the best ways to support the cause, and to give you a clearer explanation about this cause, here are some of the main reasons why cruelty-free skin products should be patronized by everyone according to the best cruelty free skincare Australia has.

  1. Animal testing is simply cruel– Different animals are being used as experiment subjects and their entire life is confined inside a small cage where they are treated inhumanely, however, what makes it crueler is that they are subjected to different medical tests where they are usually being blinded, tortured, and maimed, where the majority of them are killed during the process. These animals are bred to spend their lives being tested with different chemicals and substances to ensure that the final product is safe for human use.
  2. There are greater alternatives– There are many companies that justifies their cruelty by saying that animal testing serves a purpose. These tests are being performed on animals to ensure that the ingredients and the products sold in the market are safe for human consumption. However, the truth behind this is that there are a lot of humane and good alternatives to animal testing to ensure the safety of the ingredients especially for Cruelty Free Skincare.
  3. You can choose more than a thousand safe cosmetic ingredients– There are companies that manufacture their products and formulate it with more than seven thousand ingredients which are proven to be safe and cruelty-free which proves that there is no need to test for more ingredients on animals, and these companies that have chosen to test more ingredients on animals are there to make money by innovating their products in behalf of an innocent animal’s life.
  4. Laboratory animals deserve freedom– Even though there is a law that says laboratory animals belong to a certain category of animals that are not protected from animal abuse and cruelty all the same. However, if you view it with consciousness and empathy, this is just plain unethical and inhumane at the same time. Animals in laboratories have the same freedom and rights as well just like your pet and other animals that are enjoying freedom rather than spending their entire lives being tested painfully and ultimately kills them for the sake of human consumption.