Fun Group Fitness Classes To Try At Celebrity Fitness

Celebrity Fitness has been in the profession of fitness for a while and has made a great name for itself, making it one of the most reputable fitness centers, not just in Manila, but in the Philippines as a whole. They offer several fitness programs that can get you going and set you up for a healthy life so that you can grow into old age without losing your fitness and mental health.  You can equally register for their fun group fitness classes if you so desire. The fitness classes offer value for money and can open your eyes to a million and one things you have never known about fitness and how it can benefit your body and mind. In this write-up, we will show you some of the fun group fitness classes to try.

Yoga class

The fitness class will open your eyes to various forms of yoga that you can carry out, either as a group or alone. It will equally teach you about the various benefits of yoga. Additionally, the classes are practical-oriented, which means you will go home with the adequate practical knowledge about how to carry out the various yoga moves.  Some of the yoga moves you will be exposed to at the fun group fitness class are:

  • Basic yoga
  • Yin yoga for lades only
  • Vinyasa Yoga


The dance class is yet another fun group fitness class to try. You may not believe it, but dance is among the best forms of workouts. In fact, dancing can help you to lose weight.   The session is sweaty and will touch all the muscles and joints in the body.  By the end of each session, you will be feeling sweaty and thirsty.  The duration varies, depending on the class.  Some of the available dance classes at Celebrity Fitness are:

  • Seduce Dance N’ Attitude
  • Raw dance N’ Attitude
  • Insanity Dance N’ Attitude
  • Flavor Dance N’ Attitude
  • Core Motion Dance N’ Attitude

Core Motion has several categories, which are:

  • Zumba
  • Dance ladies only
  • Zumba ladies only

Functional Fitness

You can equally benefit a lot from the functional fitness class at Celebrity Fitness.  The classes are also in various categories and each will expose you to arrays of innovative functional equipment and adventurous game-based workouts that will take the stress off exercises. Role-playing always works in virtually every instance and can add spice to ordinary day-to-day activities; the same comes to play in exercising.  Some of the available functional fitness classes available at Celebrity Fitness are:

  • Playground
  • FastFit

The timing varies from one type to another


This is yet another of the unique fun group fitness classes to try at Celebrity Fitness. The program is exclusive to Celebrity Fitness and it was developed to keep workout fun and interesting, while working the muscles and joints successfully.  Uplifting music is played all through the session so that there will never be a dull moment at any time.  Each participant at the class will be taken through various stages, starting with simple moves and progressing to more complex ones.  The fitness program can increase leg strength, improve core strength, burn fat and even improve cardiovascular health.